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Finding Your Own Religion With A Designer T – Shirt By Religion Clothing

Many centuries have passed since the only purpose of clothing was to keep us warm and provide our bodies with much needed protection.  Once humans became accustomed to designing clothes and producing different fabrics they have used clothes to make a statement about who we are and what our beliefs are.  As well as determining social class and standing – our clothes also enable us to distinguish the lay man from the religious man in our churches.  Throughout history music has influenced the style of clothes we choose to wear examples of which include; Mods, Rockers, Heavy Metal, pop and of course Rave.

Raving Outfit

Anyone who was a teenager or young adult in the eighties and early nineties will be familiar with the crew neck t-shirts, dip dyed sweatshirts and narrow fit jeans as they are with the psychedelic surroundings and trance like music they raved to.  Religion Clothing encompasses the core values of rave fashion of the early 1990’s and has managed to time shift it so that it is a popular contender in the fashion markets today.


In fact the principle behind Religion Clothing is to embrace your own individuality and wear your clothes to define who you are and encourages you to stand out from the crowd.  The brand has matured since it originally placed its logo onto t-shirts and now accommodates the raver, who will now be twenty years older than the first time they wore Religion Clothing.  The Rave culture may only be a nostalgic memory now but the brand is going from strength to strength.

Designer T-shirt

One very quick and efficient way to individualise yourself is to wear an expressive t-shirt or sweatshirt sporting a flamboyant logo that indicates to everyone who you are and what you believe in or indeed enables you to cause shock and controversy with only the effort of wearing a simple garment.  Religion Clothing has jumped on to the ‘God Save The Queen’, bandwagon with its, ‘Save the Queen’, sweater, if that particular phrase and illustration is not controversial or shocking enough to wear there are many more logoed tops that will distinguish you from the crowd.

More Subtle Expression

For the more discerning amongst us – those want to remember their raving past but whose lives really do not accommodate a loud and proud design you can purchase a plain crew neck t-shirt with the Religion Clothing logo.  Hey you may even strike up a conversation with a veteran raver if you spot the logo on someone else’s top.

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