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Four Ways to Create Great Memories with Your Kids

This year, my eldest daughter turns 13 and I find myself wondering where on earth the time has disappeared; it only seems like a short moment ago that she was crawling around the back garden in her nappy. My youngest child is five, but now I realise that time passes much faster than I would sometimes like. I’ve resolved to make every day special, rather than letting time pass me by. Even on a budget, I know that there must be more to our family life than simply watching TV, or sitting on laptops talking to each other on Facebook when we’re under the same roof. Here is what I plan to do (and have already started to do) in order to create great memories with my kids going forward…


Take Lots of Photos

Last weekend I went and looked at the Nikon and Canon cameras in order to find one that would suit my needs. I wanted a powerful digital SLR camera that could be used with different lenses for different situations and locations. In the end I chose a Canon as I have had previous cameras from that brand. With my new camera I plan to capture shots each and every weekend, and have the images rolling on my digital photo frame. We may also use some for our Christmas cards this year!

Enjoy Days Out

However, we need to be doing something worthwhile in order to get the best shots so we’ll be enjoying plenty of days out. This doesn’t necessarily mean lots of expense; it might just be going down to the village fete or going berry picking. Aside from being lots of fun, a lot of these days out can be a great educational experience of the real world outside of the home.

Have TV Free Time

I think I’ve neglected to realise how many hours of TV we rack up as a family each week. We often do spend Saturday nights together watching the likes of Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor, but we aren’t really speaking about us, more about what we’re watching on the screen! So on Sunday we now have a full family roast dinner and then play a game or tell a story. We actually share more laughs during this time than when we have comedy on the box!

Explore Where There’s No Internet Signal

I’ve just booked a holiday cottage this year for October. The weather may not be brilliant then, but the cost is less than booking during a peak season. We will don our wellies and raincoats if needs be, but the idea is that we’ll go where there is no internet signal! This will help us to get back to basics and enjoy traditional family time together. We’re heading to Devon, but there are plenty of other places to go in the UK such as the Yorkshire Dales or the Lake District; perhaps we will explore these locations another year.

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