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Spring / summer fashion 2013: what clothing comes in fashion for men?

It’s every year for fashion designers and fashion conscious shoppers exciting what the trends for the new season will be. We are going to flock to white or just bright colors? Do the patterns from the eighties back or we go our fitting a new style? Although a man will not admit to be doing here is the same fashion for the man secretly for years on the rise. So for them the question: What is ‘in’ in the spring of 2013? We tell you.

In terms of colors men gradually shift towards the women. For the spring of 2013 are already several models on the catwalk at the shuffling and contribute predominantly softer pastels. The colors blue, red and green do occur but really talk of bright or deep color shades is not there. Also grays and light white clothes and remains a favorite among the fashion conscious man. The same applies to Asian colors, such as Chinese blue. There seems to be from oriental cultures. Drawn

Under the influence of the upcoming Games in London expected trend watchers in particular that the fashion will be. More sporty This was also seen in the fashion show in Belgium Dirk Bikkemberg back. Caps, training jackets and the whole shebang is processed into the most modern, funky outfits. This also seems to be the more masculine, muscular male back on the scene. Where previously talked about the feminization of men is an opposite trend put on the catwalks of the last weeks.

Not only does the man have to comply with the sporty looks of the catwalk, overall toughness and masculinity is the motto. Dark clothes, leather jackets and jeans were the main ingredients of the famous dsquared2 fashion line from Canada. This is a leading design, our expectation is that there are many elements of their show will come in the fashion shops in Europe and America back. Also notable is the bet on more Asian styles.

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