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Eight Hot Fashion Trends You Can’t Afford To Miss

Fashion weeks are over for another year. The madness in the glamour-central cities of New York, Milan, Paris and London is behind us. Now it is time to settle down with a latte and flip through the images of wonderful outfits that flew past on the runway.

new fashion for girls

In taking a cool look at the clothes that caught our attention during fashion’s feverish few weeks, we can assess new trends coming to the fore. Fresh ideas always hit first on the catwalk, and whatever gains traction usually ends up in modified form on the high street  soon after. Read on for some signature hot trends we spotted that you simply can’t afford to miss…

The point is…

On the end of the collar, that’s where the point is. In an enthusiastic homage to 1980s wing collars, the catwalks were awash with pointy collared detailing. Big guns such as Chanel and Dior have been spotted with oversized collars in their collections – keep an eye out for swelling collars in a women’s fashion emporium near you. Found on a dress, under a jumper or as an ornate necklace arrangement, collars were big news at fashion week:  You have been warned.

External influences

With a lot of new fashion for girls that features on the couture circuit, it’s hard to imagine how you could wear certain outfits in everyday situations. So it was good to see some of our favourite, tried and tested silhouettes revisited at the shows. There was new fashion for girls with exotic references such as silky kaftan and floral kimonos that shimmered and sashayed down the runway with aplomb. We are familiar with these styles and feel comfortable with the soft tailoring they provide – watch out for more of the same at your next swanky soiree.

Feminine and frilly

The story at London Fashion Week was all about flouncy, lacy confections in an unashamed fiesta of the feminine. Anything you could embellish with a frill was duly decorated and the overarching impression was one of a return to a flighty, feminine feel. Perhaps it’s time to ditch those androgynous shirts in favour of softly ruched blouses and dresses that ripple daintily over the contours.

Lovely layers

Maybe it’s because the wintry weather is on its way, but a lot of the designers at the various fashion weeks were focusing on layering. Being haute couture, this wasn’t your average layering of an extra cardigan, these outfits featured full dresses with tailored trousers underneath. I suppose if you were both sensitive to the cold and of an indecisive nature, this arrangement could work for you.

Put the boot in

Chunky heeled ankle boots are the footwear for the fashion conscious this season. Teamed with cropped pants or midi skirts, these edgy but so cute boots will have your silhouette looking perfectly on trend. In a huge range of materials from glossy patent to embroidered silk, this cheeky boot style will be taking you fashion forward with panache.  Look out for copy cats on the high street because this tried and tested formula is already working fantastically for upscale designers such as Givenchy, Christian Dior and Dries Van Noten.

Deep pockets

The gossip was all about big pockets at Milan fashion week. Models cruised down the runway sporting dresses and skirts with outsized pockets, big enough for you to ditch the handbag altogether. Practical as well as stylish, don’t be surprised to see pockets growing bigger on garments in store.

Brocade brigade

New approaches to old style fabrics like brocade and flock are much in evidence at the moment. Velvety, textured capes, dresses, trousers and jackets in rich, patchwork shades   are equally modern and vintage in feel – whatever the chronology, this sumptuous look is certainly having a moment.

Fishing for compliments

Motifs come and go in fashion, a couple of years back the design narrative was all about botanic prints and insect patterns. Well, we’ve moved on to a new decorative theme now – it seems designers are looking underwater for inspiration with prints and textiles featuring sea creatures, fish and various marine life. When you fall hook line and sinker for that gorgeous silk dress with seaweed motif, remember you read it here first.

If you’ve got these eight hot fashion trends covered, keeping up with the in crowd will be simple. The key to success with any and all of these trends is to embrace them 100 per cent and really sell the look. So get busy and start trending…


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