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Top 5 MC Gloves For Women

MC Gloves For Women

All women riders know that motorcycle gloves are essential for one’s wardrobe whenever they would ride their motorcycle. Looking for the right pair can be a bit of an issue if you do not know what to look for. A lot of riders just choose a random pair that they can use only to realize later on that the pair they picked is no good. What do riders have to know in order to pick the right gloves?

You can now learn more about the top MC gloves for women. Aside from gloves, there are motorcycle protective gear items that you need in order to improve your motorcycle riding experience but let us focus on motorcycle gloves for now.

Choosing Motorcycle Gloves

Any of the motorcycle gloves that will be mentioned later on in this article are known to be amazing for the needs of different women riders however, you need to know the various things you will consider so that you can make the right choice.

Take note that most motorcycle gloves are unisex which means that they can be used by both men and women but there are some important factors to consider such as the following:

  • Fit – Can you imagine if the gloves that you would wear will fly off from your hands because they are too loose? They have to be snug but not too tight that the blood circulation will be cut off.
  • Design – Some gloves are very basic and this might be your choice if you are fond of unisex-looking gloves. If not, there are more feminine gloves that might catch your attention.
  • Material – There are some gloves that are meant to be used for the cold season while there are also some that will allow you to stay comfortable during the summertime.

Top 5 Gloves to Check

Alpinestars Stella GP Plus

This is the best pair of gloves that you can use if you have rather large hands. This comes with a lot of features that will help you when you are riding your motorcycle. It will allow you to maintain a superior grip on your handlebars while you are riding. This is made with external seams on the finger area and the lining is made of Kevlar.

Spidi STS-R Gloves

The design of these gloves may be one of the most feminine that you can find in the market right now. There are different color options available. You can definitely choose pink if you want your girly side to come out. This is made of sheep hide and cowhide but it is still within your budget.

Racer USA High End

This is considered by women riders to be one of the best gloves that they can get in the market. These gloves are really sturdy and they also come with knuckle vents that you will not find in other gloves. The problem with this is it has been phased out. There is still not definite news when the updated version will be released to the public.


This may look similar to the Raven glove that is also made by the same brand but this has some upgraded features that you can definitely appreciate. The stitching is made of PWR yarn which will make this durable even if you would use it often. The adjustment strap will allow you to fix its size and make it perfect for you.

Taichi GP-WRX Racing Gloves

The first time that you see this pair, you might think that this is for men. This is supposedly for women but the design is a bit on the universal side. Do not let the design stop you from appreciating the features that it can offer from its finger protector and the fact that it is made of kangaroo leather, you will definitely find this to be one of the main pairs to choose from.

You have hopefully learned enough details about gloves for women that choosing will not be hard for you to do anymore.

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