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Different Types Of Kurtis For Women

Fashion is something that is ever changing. If you are a fashion conscious person, it is very important for you to stay updated with all the latest trends in the world of fashion. And these trends disappear faster than you can realize. Women fashion is much more varied and vibrant than men fashion. Since the past couple of years, the kurtis have been experimented with widely, and this outfit has seen many variations. Here are the basic types of kurtis you can choose from.

designer kurtis for girls

Simple kurtis – Fashion in India is largely associated with ethnic wear, one of which is the kurti. In the recent years, the fashion industry in India has transcended across geographical and political boundaries and has successfully established itself as a globally accepted form of women attires. The kurti either can be bought tailored or can be custom made. You will easily find readymade kurtis at any fashion store anywhere in the world. If you want a customized one, you need a buy the material and get it stitched by your family tailor. Simple kurtis are usually made of cotton for daily wear.

Designer kurtis – Many new designers have come up with their unique kurti features. Designed kurtis usually are available either at designer stores or you even can buy designer kurtis for girls online. There are also a few unauthorized shops, which sell copies of branded kurtis making false claims. The quality of the kurti will be inferior. The market is brimming with more and more variety of designer kurtis. Special boutiques have opened up where kurtis are only the business. Designer kurtis are expensive and best only for occasional wear.

Festive kurtis – These kurtis are specifically designed for festivals like Diwali, Holi, etc. During the festive season, you will find these kurtis online and also in the market.

Cotton kurtis – These are the most common of all varieties of kurtis in the market. They are stylish and very comfortable, especially during summers. These are available in many prints and beautiful colours. Cotton kurtis also come embroidered and embellished for fancy occasions.

Heavy kurtis – Heavy kurtis may seem similar to designer kurtis. The only difference is the brand name. You can find heavy kurtis even at a normal store, and it will not be as expensive as the designer kurti because the brand name will not be attached to it. These kurtis usually are heavily embroidered and are made for special occasions such as weddings. Usually, women prefer buying the entire set of salwar suit, but some even prefer only the heavy kurti. Nowadays, at weddings, you will notice women wear long heavy kurtis without a stole or a dupatta, along with simple leggings.

In the past few years, the kurtis have become universally famous fashion attire. They are in high demand for their moderate prices. Most women choose to shop for kurtis online because of the advantage of choosing from a large collection. So, have you shopped your choice of kurti as yet?

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