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CrowdStrike Antivirus Solution That’s Used by Some of the World’s Largest and Most Respected Companies

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Cyber threats have emerged, as have technologies. And to defend against cyber threats, an antivirus has become an essential part of cybersecurity. An antivirus solution protects a system from ransomware attacks, spyware, viruses, and other harmful viruses. An antivirus solution is available with a different set of features, and it depends on the needs of the organization. Though all the antivirus software includes threat protection features, some additional features could be selected according to one’s specific needs.

In this article, we will learn about CrowdStrike antivirus and why the top companies use it.

CrowdStrike Antivirus

CrowdStrike is a cybersecurity organization that offers cloud-based endpoint protection solutions. It was founded in 2011. CrowdStrike is widely used in 90 nations around the world. The most popular product of CrowdStrike is Falcon, which is a cloud-based endpoint protection that makes use of artificial intelligence technology to scan for intrusions across networks. Besides, an organization claims that the CrowdStrike antivirus can detect 99% of malware threats before they attack the organization’s network.

CrowdStrike Antivirus Features

CrowdStrike Antivirus fights against threats by using its artificial intelligence, and there are other features as well, which makes a CrowdStrike Antivirus solution a perfect choice.
The following features of CrowdStrike Antivirus are:

Threat Protection

CrowdStrike antivirus is not like a traditional antivirus, in which the threats are detected by matching them with the malware threat signature. Rather, CrowdStrike Antivirus is a next-generation antivirus that can catch today’s advanced malware. While detecting the scan, Falcon integrates machine learning, malware behavioural characteristics, and threat intelligence to recognize the threats appropriately. And then it takes action.

Security management

In the name of security, CrowdStrike provides an advanced level of security as it already scans suspicious activity and real threats. And it is all done by a web-based management console. With this console, you can easily configure the different security policies. And moreover, the console dashboard provides a summary of all the detected threats. CrowdStrike follows a particular process when detecting threats. This process tree gives a valuable insight into the threats that are going to occur and the remedial measures to avoid them. And on the same screen, there are other alternative features through which the security policies could be updated.

Threat Intelligence

CrowdStrike Antivirus is the best when it comes to detecting and removing threats from a system. CrowdStrike Antivirus gathers and analyzes one trillion events every week and makes the data detectable with threat intelligence. Falcon makes use of threat intelligence in a number of ways. When Falcon identifies the malware, it provides another link that includes all the related details about the attack. All this helps an IT team remain updated and keep the network secure from all cyberthreats.

Easy to use

CrowdStrike Falcon is a lightweight software security that is installed on the endpoints. CrowdStrike sensors are so advanced that they update automatically, so you and your users do not need to take any required action. Also, it secures a device when it is offline. If you are new to CrowdStrike antivirus, it is also very simple to install and use. Just install a CrowdStrike solution by using a security policy set on detection mode only, which makes sure that no conflict arises within the current security software. After this, remove an old security system and update all the policies.

What can CrowdStrike offer your business?

CrowdStrike Antivirus Solution provides a comprehensive level of end-point security, which includes:

  • It has End Point Detection and Response (EDR) technology, which scans advanced threats to secure a network from all kinds of threats, plus zero-day threats, on Windows operating systems.
  • Scans the threats easily with its threat hunting capabilities available. It stops all the vulnerable threats before they cause harm.
  • Businesses get comprehensive threat intelligence from the world’s leading cybersecurity professionals.

Why to choose CrowdStrike Antivirus?

Businesses should choose CrowdStrike Antivirus if they want to:

Increase their reputation

A business can build its reputation when it secures the details of its customers. By deploying CrowdStrike, one can secure their data from cybercriminals and other similar threats with the best technology.

Confidence in your IT team security

It is important to choose a solution in which you have confidence, as you know better what they are doing to secure your network from all the vulnerable threats.

If you want to buy a CrowdStrike antivirus solution, it is better to buy it from a CrowdStrike antivirus reseller, as they will support you before, during, and after the deployment of CrowdStrike antivirus.

Is CrowdStrike a perfect option for you?

If you are in search of a solution that can secure you from all the cyberthreats, CrowdStrike is the best to choose. Because they offer numerous features, which saves the business from all the hackers who are trying to steal your information. CrowdStrike’s has a different approach than the other antivirus programs because CrowdStrike focuses on prevention rather than scanning or responding. So, if you are searching for end-point security, CrowdStrike is a much better option.

CrowdStrike Falcon has a different set of features that keep data secure. All types of free and paid versions are available, and thus, all the organizations can select the product according to their needs and budget. Therefore, CrowdStrike is an end-point security solution that scans and blocks suspicious activity on your network.

CrowdStrike Falcon Subscriptions

CrowdStrike Falcon is available at modest prices from a CrowdStrike vendor. The following subscriptions include:

For small businesses

  • Falcon Go
  • Falcon Pro 

For enterprises

  • Falcon Pro
  • Falcon Enterprise
  • Falcon Elite

All these subscriptions include different sets of features. One can select any subscription model according to the security standards of the organization.


CrowdStrike is a trusted cybersecurity company that offers high-end security. It secures the network from vulnerable threats while focusing on productivity and efficiency. It scans the threats in real time before they become a major issue for the company. Besides, CrowdStrike offers a risk management software that is specifically developed to secure organizations from cyberattacks through sophisticated threat intelligence. Therefore, CrowdStrike is regarded as the best solution for keeping all the data safe from cybercriminals.

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