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Everything You Need To Know About Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law covers many aspects and can be physical or physiological. Basically when you are gravel injured by a second party whether it be another individual or an institution, it is called personal injury law. In Canada, there are several rules as to what comes under the jurisdiction of personal injury and what kind of compensation you can get for these injuries or medical malpractices. You can handle the claims on your own but since the amount of compensation you receive will depend on the nature of the injury, the treatment and the damages, it can take a long time to assess the money you will receive. Thus, hiring a personal injury lawyer is beneficial in such cases as he can properly analyze your case and determine your compensation beforehand.

hiring a personal injury lawyer

What comes under personal injury law?

 In Canada, personal injury law includes any injuries that arise from motor vehicle accidents, public liability claims, negligence of school boards, product liability claims, public transportation and recreational facilities, catastrophic loss claims such as accidents resulting in paraplegia and occupier’s liability claims.

Tort law

The body of law that allows an injured party to receive some form of compensation from the party at fault is called tort. The tort law aims to pay for all your damages and also serves as a warning to any future violators of this law. The injured party can receive a good compensation that covers their loss in income due to the injury, suffering, and pain as well as present and future medical bills. Tort law will make the defaulter pay compensation to the injured person depending on the nature of his injuries, the defaulter’s conduct towards the injured person. It also depends on how the person received the injury. You should ideally hire a personal injury lawyer to help you get a good compensation under the tort law.

When you should hire a personal injury lawyer?

In most of the case in Canada, when the compensation amount is small, most of the injured people like to settle the cases on their own with the insurance companies. This is especially true in Ontario where 90 per cent of the cases are settled without a lawyer. However, when the compensation is larger than expected, you should hire a personal injury lawyer to handle you case. This lawyer will negotiate with the insurance companies or defaulters and will make sure you get the best possible compensation. It is beneficial to hire these lawyers as they may get you a compensation that is higher than what you had estimated.

Make sure that you have all medical documents in order from the time of your injury until present. Take photos, keep medical records, take doctor’s notes, and file everything. Ask your lawyer to accept fees for consultation by the hour and make sure you through what all documents he makes you sign. But make sure you don’t file nay false claims or you could be penalized.

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