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In Detail Theory About Time Share And Its Scam


What is a Timeshare?

If you need to spend a holiday and you would like to book a holiday home or a resort, then Timeshare is the thing for you. Timeshare is shared ownership of a property, which is usually a holiday home or resort. The ownership is divided equally among all the partners and they have an equal say over the property.

Selling Scams by Timeshare

  • Forged timeshare agents

Timeshare agents do not contact you directly for selling unless you permit them. If you have a caller asking for your personal information you can be sure that it is a fake agent. The legitimate agent does not call for any such details. These companies claim to have found buyers for your property. Generally, people fall into this trap because they get excited and share the details which they should not ideally. The fake agents take advantage of this situation and dupe the prospective customers by fetching all the relevant information and committing a false transaction. To be careful you must be sure about the agent you are talking to and the details that you share. The agents never call you out of the blue and you should always be aware of the legitimacy of the caller. Also, while sharing your details you must refrain from sharing all the information. The bank details must not be shared unless you are doubly sure about all the details. You must be aware that the forged timeshare agents can be one of the timeshare selling scams.

  • False buyers

Similar to the fake agents, you have many fake buyers who work along the same lines. False buyers are one of the most prominent selling scams. The buyers find it even easier to create a sense of confidence as they add a personal touch to the entire conversation. These people claim to be legit buyers and make false pretence about them. The chances of getting duped are a notch higher as the buyers have the personal touch which can be even more difficult to resist. These buyers can be very legitimate and thus it is easy to be distracted by them. You must not share any personal information like bank accounts and other personal details. These can be very risky and put your finances at the stake of the fraudsters.

  • Companies that nab the fraudsters

Various organisations are meant to catch hold of fraud agencies and agencies. The companies maintain a database of the fraud companies. They are also accountable for the fraud’s data, address and contact numbers. They are very helpful in tracking down the fakesters. If you are in touch with any person or agency who is too keenly interested in your timeshare, you must be very careful. You must contact such organisations to check the legitimacy of the interested candidates. These companies can help you by alerting you of the timeshare scams.

A timeshare can be a tricky prospect, however, you must be very careful when planning a deal. There are more fraudsters than genuine entities when it comes to timeshare. Thus, you must be very careful and cross-check the legitimacy of these interested people.

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