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How To Launch My Online Classes

Online Classes

If I tell you there is a foolproof strategy of launching a profitable online course, will you believe it? But it is a Yes. Because we do have a strategy that ensures that your online course is going to be a successful one. The reason behind the success of the online courses is their never-ending demand. The pandemic has worked as a fuel for the growth of the Edtech industry. The demand for online courses is increasing day by day. 

Educators and entrepreneurs are making millions by launching their online courses. You can also do the same. In this blog, you will find everything that you need to launch a profitable online course. 

Steps to launch a profitable online course 

1- Choose your niche 

The first step is to choose your niche. There are four things that you need to analyze before choosing your niche-

  • What are you good at? 
  • What is the thing you’re passionate about?
  • Will people buy your course?

You should choose the topic about which you have in-depth knowledge. You are passionate enough to p

ursue it even if you have the minimum number of students enrolled. Also, you have an audience who would be interested in purchasing your course. 

2- Decide the course format 

Choose the course format after finalizing your niche. Anything can be taught using audio, video, and PDF. But there are certain niches like art and fitness that can be taught only through videos. They require very few text lessons. So, choose the course format according to your niche. If you are going to start an educational course. Then you can combine audio, video, and PDF. So that the learners can have an amazing learning experience. Although video content is more engaging than audio content or PDF. Because learners find it easy to learn when they see their instructor guiding them. Video lectures also help in building trust. 

You can use Spayee. It is an amazing course creating and selling platform. They provide multiple formats in which you can create your course content.

3- Start recording course content 

After deciding on the course content, start recording the lectures for your online course. You will need a high-quality video recorder, a tripod, and a microphone to record videos. Hire a professional video editor. If you don’t know how to edit videos.

It is advisable to record all the lectures in the same place and keep the surroundings clean. So that students can focus on the course content. 

4- Choose the LMS

Choose a course publishing platform that is completely secured so that nobody can misuse your course content. You can go for Spayee as they provide 100% safety.  When you will add your course to your chosen platform you will have to set the price for your course. Don’t keep the price too low or too high, price it wisely. 

5- Create a converting Sales page

A sales page gives you the opportunity to explain what you are offering to your potential learners.  Your offer has to be so convincing that your potential learners can not stop themselves from purchasing your course. It is advisable to give it a catchy title and a call to action. Try to keep your sales page design as simple as possible. Because a complicated sales page can confuse your audience.

Also, use various marketing tools like paid ads, email marketing, and affiliate marketing to promote your online course. This will help you in reaching your potential learners.

6- Launch your course 

There are mainly two ways of launching an online course. 

  • A Timed Launch 
  • An Evergreen Course

A timed launch is where a learner can purchase the course within a specific time window whereas an evergreen course can be purchased by the learner at any time. 

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