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Innovative Business Leadership Skills In The Hotel Industry!

Patrick Imbardelli is an exemplary hotelier and is   respected name in the international hotel management and hospitality industry. He is the brainchild behind the outstanding success of Pan Pacific Hotels Group or PPHG in the international arena. Today, in the global hospitality industry, the Pan Pacific Hotels Group is a formidable name to reckon with thanks to the efforts of Patrick Imbardelli. His exceptional business acumen, foresight, innovative strategies were instrumental in propelling the Pan Pacific Hotels Group to extraordinary heights. This hotel group is an example for other similar hotel groups to emulate and has been awarded with a number of national and international awards as well.

Patrick Imbardelli

Innovation In Leadership

Pan Pacific Hotels Group has an international presence in 12 geographical locations around the world. This expansion was possible due to Patrick’s exceptional business acumen and innovative strategies in the field of brand management and marketing. The Pan Pacific Hotels Group is renowned for its unique ambience and cordial staff that makes the hotel’s clients feel pampered at home even on their first visit to these hotels. Patrick Imbardelli believes that commitment to strengthening relationships is essential for the success of any business in this industry. This is the reason why his track records indicates that he has never shied away from playing a pivotal role in establishing relationships among investors, owners and staff of the group. Trust is a very important aspect in Patrick’s life.

The Pan Pacific Hotels Group’s rapid growth in becoming one of the premier luxury hotels in the world can be attributed to the outstanding guidance and supervision of Patrick Imbardelli. He has been associated with this hotel group for more than three decades and played a critical role in expanding the operations of the Group. Today, Pan Pacific Hotels Group is synonymous excellent customer satisfaction and delight. In the hotel industry, both Patrick Imbardelli’s staff and his peers admire and respect him for his deep passion and devotion to his work. He says that though the hotel industry is a very challenging one, it is important for you to always be alert and proactive. The enthusiasm and zeal should be present so that guests are happy to keep on coming back to you. An attitude of service is all what is needed and this goes a long way in creating customer loyalty.

Anyone employed in the hospitality management industry will tell you that interpersonal and communication skills are essential to succeed in this industry. When it comes to exhibiting exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, Patrick Imbardelli is a class apart. Not only does he exceed his client’s expectations but he also motivates his staff to being out the best in them while serving such clients. Moreover, the staff and employees consider him to be a role model that they try to imitate. This goes a long way in quality service to the clients beyond their expectations. This has helped Pan Pacific Hotels Group expand and earn indomitable goodwill in the industry thanks to Patrick with success!

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