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5 Reasons To Treat Skin-Related Issues With Ayurveda

Who doesn’t wish to have a healthy glowing skin? Anyone with skin problems can consider Ayurveda as a treatment option.  Ayurveda is a holistic approach to treat any particular condition.Ayurveda stresses on a healthy metabolicsystem, proper intake of food,good digestion and excretion. Let us check out 5 reasons to treat skin-related issues with Ayurveda.

Treat Skin-Related Issues With Ayurveda

No pins and needles

Ayurveda is a non-invasive technique of treatment, nolasers or surgery is involved.Here, each individual is treated for their specific condition. The application of herbal pastes and oils which will externally give relief to the affected part of the skin is used to treat skin ailments. These could be sandalwood paste, neem paste or any other combination asprescribed by the physician.

No harmful chemicals 

Ayurvedic medicine have no known harmful chemicals in them, and hence, can be taken long term. They are mostly based on medicines that treat by purifying the system and getting rid of the harmful toxins which enter due to pollution or otherwise.Ayurveda products online can be easily purchased at

Specific dietary requirements 

Ayurveda stresses on a proper diet routine which can be easily followed forhealthy skin. It recommends a diet which will not aggravate the ‘pitta’. Food that is not oily and easy to digest like steamed salad,pumpkin,etc should be eaten .Reducing intake of coffee and drinking herbal teas is recommended. All of which directly help the system to function well and purify it.

Enhances breathing techniques 

 Ayurveda with its holistic approach always looks at the complete condition wherein the correct breathing techniques are recommended.Pranayam is an excellent method of ensuring that we inhale and exhale correctly which in turn optimizes the use of oxygen in our system. A good blood circulation will,in turn, ensure a healthy skin and body we are looking for. Meditation is an important part of the routine which helps relieve stress which is the number one cause of any skin irritation or breakouts.

Include nuts

Ayurveda recommends eating seeds and nuts. It is believed to improve the condition of your skin. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, flax seed and so onare known to have a high content of omega -3, fiber essential fats which you will not otherwise get.

Ayurvedaemphasizes exercising and giving up the static sedentary life, whichis also one of the reasons our metabolic system does not function well leading to a number of skin problems. Drinkingat least 8-10 glasses of water and keeping yourself hydrated is another important recommendation.

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