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Know About The Job Responsibilities Of An Accounting Executive

Accounting Executive

An accountant’s job involves working to make sure that business organizations and persons are keeping financial records and giving taxes suitably and in time. An accountant is an integral part of a company irrespective of the company’s size and shares. The main job of the accountant is to keep a record of all the day-to-day financial inflows and outflows. The accountant is also responsible to perform an auditing of the same on a regular basis. They are responsible for keeping the financial statements of the company that is required for paying tax, making annual financial statements and so on. Accountants also offer an assortment of information regarding tax laws, investments and yearly assessments, and also take care of the financial records so that there is no depletion of finance or resources in the company.


Bharti Jogia-Sattar is a well-known financial executive and accountant working in the greater Los Angeles urban area. At present she is working at FUSEFX, INC as a Chief Financial Officer or CFO. Bharti has vast experience in the field as prior joining FUSEFX; she has worked ADCO Products, Inc. as well in the same designation. .She has been in the industry for more than twenty two years and has also developed her specialization to apply to the real estate.

Even though the job responsibilities of an accounting executive may vary depending on the type of type of establishment he or she is working; however, stated below are few general responsibilities of an accounting executive:

Create reports and spreadsheets by using accounting software.

Allocate assignments to departments and check the productivity

Produce and examine financial reports such as cash-flow statements and profit forecasts

Find methods to develop financial performance, and make sure that the organization meets all appropriate principles, guidelines and rules.

In small or medium scale companies, an accountant may work alone whereas in larger establishments they often manage finance clerks, accountants, and other assistants.

Accountants working in the investment firms or stock market might be expected to supervise teams making reports about the market, communicate daily with investment bankers about the form of stock prices and deal straight with brokers to buy or sell merchandises and facilities.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar started her career in the year 1995 with Total Real Estate Management, where she spent almost three years as an accounting executive. Later on at Glenwood Financial Group Inc., she served as an Assistant Controller where she managed all kinds of financial and accounting accountabilities for a considerable real estate group.

Such long experience helped her to become well reputed and famous in the market. If an accountant like Bharti Jogia-Sattar is hired; then the business owner can sit back and relax as she ensures that all important account related matters are handled in the right way. Moreover, by hiring an experienced accountant one can get tips and guidance in the right way regarding investments and handling of finances. Thus, an accountant like Bharti can help in managing all financial statements in the most appropriate way.

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