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Why Should You Go For Talent Management Certifications?

If you are an HR professional and have been keeping a tab on all the latest happenings in the industry then you would know that talent management is becoming the new recruiting mantra in the organizations. And if you wish to succeed as an HR professional then certifications are your best bet.

While HR certifications have been gaining momentum amongst both the recruiters and the recruited, there has been another sub-field that has been slowly making its presence felt in the human resources department and human resources management is – talent management.

Yes, as the traditional HR practices are giving way to the new ones the new niche that has emerged or is emerging is talent management and certifications in talent management.

What is Talent Management?  

Talent Management is referred to the anticipation of required human capital for an organization and the planning that entails to meet those needs. It would be interesting to know that the field gained popularity after McKinsey’s 1997 research and after the book that was published in 2001 titled The War for Talent.

What is the Difference between Talent Management and Human Resource Management?

Coming to the difference between the talent management and human resources management – they might seem like sisters but they are as different as chalk and cheese. To understand the difference between talent management and human resources management it would be good to understand the following differences –

  1. Human Resource Management focuses more on operations side of an organization, while talent management is a strategic function. In simpler terms, know that if HRM is as simple as keeping a track of attendance, talent management is quite complex and detailed with its focus on professional development of employees.
  2. While HRM aims to identify and effectively hire new talent in an organization, talent management aims to work with already existing employees to help them in bringing out the best in them, which at times even they didn’t know existed.
  3. This not the last as far as the differences are concerned but we are wrapping it here. But HRM aims to operate independently and with zero involvement from other managements in an organization. However, talent management (while a branch of human resources) is closely related to all the other business functions in an organization. Talent management ensures that the entire organization including all the managers, leaders and employees are working together and are able to recognize a talent in an employee and help him or her to bring it out for the betterment of an organization.

Now that we know about the differences between talent management and human resource management let’s understand how you could become proficient in talent management how certifications in talent management would help you secure a job faster as compared to HR certifications.

Talent Management Certifications – Why are They Important?

Over the last few years, talent management field has been gaining lots of attraction amid both employers and HR professionals. Simply because talent management is the new age recruiting mantra, as organizations are realizing the importance of not just recruiting top/best talents in the industry but also retaining them through various means and ways.

So how do you ensure that you are certified in talent management and where could you get certifications in talent management. Speaking of which, here are some credentialing bodies offering talent management certifications. You could take your pick from them and get started on your career.

HR Certification Institute or HRCI: offers HR certifications for entry level professionals and senior professionals seeking career advancement either in their present organization or in a new organization. One of the oldest credentialing bodies for HR certifications, HRCI is a good choice if you are seeking certifications in HR.

Society for Human Resources Management or SHRM: also provides certifications for both entry level and senior level professionals. The programs come with prerequisite criteria that one needs to fulfil before applying for the certifications. Another good credentialing body for candidates/professionals seeking HR certifications.

Talent Management Institute: If you are specifically seeking talent management certifications then Talent Management Institute is one credentialing body where you could apply. Each of TMI certifications come with lots of prerequisite criteria that one needs to fulfill, as each of the certifications are based on your skills, qualifications and experience as well.

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