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HR Certifications And Your Career Growth

HR Certifications

The field of human resources have certainly come a long way from the traditional role of just hiring and firing. The role today involves lots of specialization in different sub-fields like recruitment, operations and HR generalist. This is where certifications come to play along with your degree course of course.

Certifications are a third-party validation of your skills and qualifications and assure prospective recruiters that you are dedicated to your profession. But you already know that, however, what you may not know is – how to go about acquiring those HR Certifications and if this HR Certification online or not.

So let’s find out whether there are HR Certifications Online and if you want to know more about international HR certifications then what are the best credentialing bodies to go for global HR certification.

When you think about HR Certifications there are couple of certification bodies that come to mind, and they are Human Resources Certification Institute or HRCI and The Society for Human Resources Management or SHRM. For their industry renowned certifications. They even offer global HR Certification for those who want to pursue HR programs at the international level.

However, if you want to go step further and want certifications in the latest recruiting mantra – talent management – then you may consider Association for Talent Development or ATD and Talent Management Institute or TMI.

HR Certifications Online and Global HR Certification

If you want to succeed in your career as an HR professional then you should consider HR certifications online, because that would give you freedom to pursue a program even while doing a full-time job. There are numerous certifications that are available online and some of them even offer online open membership to the candidates. And with those memberships you can continue working with an organization and pursue your certifications as well.

With companies going global it is not surprising that recruiters seek professionals especially HR professionals who are adept in handling international HR practices and are aware of the company laws and other legal compliances globally. And this is where global HR certifications from all the reputed credentialing bodies would aid you. Whether you are seeking global HR certifications from HRCI or SHRM or you are seeking talent management certifications for international standard from TMI, you should know that there are certain prerequisites that you need to fulfil before you could apply for the certification program.

Some of the certifications that you could check out include –

  1. HRCI’s SPHRi, PHRi, and GPHR
  2. TMI’s GTML

To ensure that you are equipped with the best of the knowledge in the field and are able to handle the real-time workplace challenges in the global market, where the company laws might differ from what you are used to. These certifications would help you put in a good stead in the eyes of recruiters who are seeking professional with international certifications to lead their organization to success.

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