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Enjoy The Hot And Delicious Food While On A Train Journey

Train Journey

If someone were to tell a decade ago that now the desired food can be delivered straight to the seat in the train, then it would have been laughable. But now it is a reality as anyone can order the food easily and get it delivered right to their seat at preferred time and location.

India has a huge connectivity of railways and once can easily travel to each and every corner of the country in a train. Even the small towns, villages are connected to the network line, making the 0commutation much easier. People use trains a lot even for their daily commutation. In several metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc. has metro trains too where people travel in vast number on a regular basis. Travel and transportation have been made easy due to connectivity within the city, state as well as the nation. Even in a large city like Mumbai, people travel in the local trains on a daily basis.

Lack of food options

A common concern that all the commuters face on a daily basis is that the desired food is not available. People on the train journey have to make do with some of the snacks available at the halt stations or from the vendors in the train. Even if the train has a pantry, not everyone orders from it as the quality is not that good as well and there is a chance that one might upset their stomach as well. So people often compromise on the food options while on a train journey and rely on eating some snacks or food brought from home.

The railways surely offer great connectivity,but other features are a matter of concern such as hygiene, food quality, food variety, etc.

The alternative

What if one could get the food delivered from their favourite restaurant and get it to their seat? It would be more like Railway Restaurant as it would feel as if they are eating at a restaurant in the railway. There are several food providers who offer the option of choosing from the wide range of restaurants and choose the food items from their menu and get it delivered to the seat. This option is much more viable as it enables the passenger to eat the hot and fresh food and not the stale food from the train.

The way in which these process works is that one can order the food by means of website or application or even a phone call to place the order. The details of the train, the seat number, etc. have to be given so that the live tracking of the train can be done. That would allow the delivery person to know about the exact status of the train and hence the food can be delivered on time.

It is advised that one should order the food from good restaurants especially if the journey is going to be a long one, so that one can enjoy the fresh and hot food, making the train journey more enjoyable.

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