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Sleepless In Delhi? Here Are The Amazing Eateries For All The Nocturnals

With the busyness of people of the twenty-first century, the mornings have become shorter, while the nights have amplified manifold. In such a tireless toil of 24X7, one needs as much facilities at night, as in daytime. And the most indispensable among them is good food. No doubt, there are innumerable fantastic restaurants and cafes dotted in the cities where one can savour the creme de la creme of the dishes all day long. But today, the nocturnal man seeks for good eateries to visit at night.

And in this hunt, Delhi won’t fail to present you with some of the best options you can have if your stomach gurgles at 2 am. There are a number of flights to Delhi which end up landing at night like the Bangalore to Delhi flights or the ones from Mumbai, and after such a tiresome journey one hunts for good restaurants like a hungry beast!

So, here are some of the amazing options you can have, every time you feel like a sleepless owl and have the urge of satiating your taste buds.

Comesum, Nizamuddin Railway Station

This multi-cuisine restaurant is so popular among the Delhiites, especially for night scrawling, that many people plan special hangouts to the place for night. Offering a wide range of delectable dishes, Comesum is perfect for a night binge. Must visit this popular restaurant and enjoy posting its Check-in.

Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi

As the name itself says, ‘Chandni Chowk’ means ‘Moonlight Square’; which makes it a delightful place to visit at night. Just stroll among the streets of Chandni Chowk at night, and you will experience an altogether different Delhi there. And having the oil-drowned mouthwatering parathas with yummy lassi at the Paranthe Wali Gali, adds icing on the cake.

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Very popular among the college crowd of Delhi, JNU is carpeted with the best night-restaurants of Delhi like 24/7 Food Court, Mughal Darbar and North East Dhaba which offer everything, from  Mughlai, biryanis and tikkas to Chinese, rolls, maggi and omelette and that too at a very pocket friendly price. Visit JNU at night and feel the real essence of the place.

Pandara Road Market

You must have heard of the very popular and sought after Gulati, Havemore and Ichiban at the Pandara Road. A paradise for midnight foodies, Pandara Road embellishes with these popular restaurants which offer the most luscious of the dishes. The reason of its immense popularity is contributed to India Gate, which lies at a close proximity to the road and is the most adored sight for night strollers.

Patel Chest Chai Walla, North Campus

Kill those late-night hunger pangs with delicious bun-butter, maggi and hot tea at the very popular Patel Chest Chai Walla. One of the perkiest places to visit in delhi at night and hangout with your friends, you must try it once.

Mocha Art House, DLF Promenade

A perfect blend of art and food, Mocha Art House is an awesome place to sit in with your friends and have an amazing hangout with the incredible dishes served here. The special perk of this place is that, it has a big screen on which various sports matches are being played. What can be more thrilling than sitting with your friends in elegant ambience and watching the match, wolfing down some tasty dishes. Do, try the different variants of Hookah available here.


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