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Profitable Options Of Colocation Server Hosting For Businesses

An organization utilizes the services of a data center provider to house their server and other infrastructure while taking benefit of the resources available with the data center. The client gets to enjoy benefits like larger bandwidth, high security, optimum performance, continuity, low rate of latency, access to latest equipments and other specialized services. This entire process is termed as colocation server hosting. The host is also responsible for monitoring and managing the infrastructure provided in the data center. The clients get complete control over the co-located server and have the assured high speed guarantee round the year. The host offers different plans with a monthly or yearly rental.

Host’s responsibilities:

The colocation server hosting provider services include providing the customers with a dedicated IP address, bandwidth, cooling systems, security, uninterrupted power and high quality infrastructure. They offer the spaces and full racks and shared racks. They provide the customers with equipment required for the maintenance and management of the system. They monitor and maintain the temperature regulator to prevent the servers from getting overheated. They provide the customers with all the tools to manage any reboots as and when required without hampering the performance.

Managed or Unmanaged services:

There are two types of colocation server hosting. One is the managed service where the host is responsible for managing and maintaining the infrastructure and all troubleshooting issues. The second type is the unmanaged colocation hosting where the customer takes care of all the issues of maintaining and managing the infrastructure. Though the cost is lesser the customer has to be technically competent with their own experienced staff.

Colocation server hosting is an ideal solution for

  • individuals and organizations that do business which if leaked could be harmful to their customers and society

  • those who want to access their business from multiple locations

  • those need a centralized host for managing the infrastructure opting for managed colocation services

  • Those who lack the necessary resources but need to be online and available for their customers.

There are many advantages with colocation server hosting

Cost effectiveness

It is a cost cutting factor and helps organizations to focus on their prime business while the host provides the resources at competitive prices. The hosts have large bandwidth capacity in their data centers. They offer the bandwidth to the customers to overcome traffic spikes. It becomes very cost effective as the expenses are distributed among the customers. The data centers are equipped with infrastructure like UPS, power backups, cooling systems and more. The capital expenditure is borne by the host.

Power Supply

Data centers require uninterrupted power supply. It also requires power backups to ensure continuous power supply during power failures. By utilizing power from one source and benefitting numerous customers colocation contributes to the green philosophy.


Data security is a must for every organization to function effectively. The data centers are well equipped with all types of security equipment like cameras; biometric cards etc and can control all types of intrusion from unwanted intruders. The colocation hosts have the ability to safeguard the client’s data through firewalls, armed security guards, and anti-virus solutions.

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