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Internet Addiction- The New Challenge Of The 21st Century Youth

Addictions are of different types, and so are the means of their recovery as well. While everyone has heard of various types of addiction like drugs, pornography and many more, internet addiction is the new term that has been troubling the centers providing rehabilitation programs for the diseased. This internet addiction has been really challenging since there are medicines that can cure one of their drug addictions, but how can one find a remedy for a problem whose roots are not yet determined that strong. And moreover, it’s mere habit that actually changes into addiction in no time. Even those who are addicted with it cannot be blamed for this, because the world itself claims tech savvy people to be updated.

Internet Addiction- The New Challenge Of The 21st Century Youth

Dr. Curtis Cripe is one such name who has been doing research on this similar field for long and has been trying to find a way out of it. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in the field of aerospace engineering from California State Polytechnic University. Cripe also holds both a PhD and a Master’s degree in health psychology and behavioral medicine, which were received from North central University in Arizona. While doing his research, he himself has found how deeply internet has entered into the daily life of the people, and it’s not just the commercial world, that has been a prey to it. Even the domestic world, internet has crept in deep, and it works more as a curse than a blessing in human life. With every passing day, people are getting more and more addicted towards internet and it is a syndrome that is being found more in children and teenagers of the 21st century.

When internet first came into fashion in the early 1990s, nobody could have imagined of such a scenario to appear, and within just a couple of decades, people now finds internet addiction recovery centers where cognitive behavioral speech therapies are given to the outpatients. In the past treating these addiction patients were similar to that of treating the psychopaths. Painful electric shock therapy was the only option left and that turned out to be painful, both mentally and physically. Hence alternative methods were researched and the cognitive speech therapy has been found to live long lasting impact on such cases.

While fishing out the roots for such conditions, expert like Curtis Cripe has solely blamed the social networking site for this addiction. Since more and more of the teenagers find it highly engrossing, meeting new people on the Internet, they tend to spend more and more time of the Internet, and in no time without even realizing falls prey to it. While many claim that internet addiction is relatively less harmful that drug addition, its effects on life cannot be completely denied. But proper advice and guidance can actually help the victims from coming out of it.

The sooner this new generation comes out of this addiction, the better it is for the entire youth. Since they’re the future of the society, they need to grow healthy, wealthy and wise.

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