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5 Tips For Finding The Best Online MBA Program

With distance education gaining fast popularity, many schools have started rolling out online academic programs. Amongst them, MBA is popular with both students and working professionals. An online MBA degree helps you save time by eliminating the need for a conventional college while also leveraging your career. However, it’s very important that you choose the best online MBA program for yourself. Here are some tips that will help you do so.

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  • Check Accreditation

In India, universities that are accredited by AICTE, NAAC, or CRISIL are considered fit for providing higher education. It’s very important that you pursue your online MBA from an accredited university because it will directly impact your job prospects. Accredited schools are expected to follow a standard of education and employers emphasise on hiring students from such institutions.

  • Enquire About Student Support

As a distance learning student, you’ll need a lot of support to complete your studies. If an online program has signed up too many students, it might not be able to extend adequate support to all of them. Therefore, you should enquire about the student-to-lecturer ratio and also find out the extent of support you’ll receive from the university.

  • Talk To The HOD

An HOD, or head of the department, will be able to brief you about their online MBA program. They will also be able to give you an idea about the school’s academic vision and the faculty’s expertise on various MBA-related subjects. Remember that the quality of education you receive will directly impact the credibility of your degree, so choose wisely.

  • Find Out About Different Specialisations

Whether you want to pursue a marketing MBA or an MBA in HR, your school should have enough resources to help you undertake the specialisation. For example, some universities may not have an academic staff that’s knowledgeable about marketing, which means they won’t do justice to students applying for a specialisation for the same. That’s why enquiring about specialisations in advance will help you cancel out such schools.

  • Ask About Job Prospects

The ultimate goal of pursuing an online MBA is getting a good and well-paying job. You should talk to the placement officer of a potential school and find out about the job prospects of their distance learning students. Talking to alumni members will also help you understand the university’s past placement rate.

Finding the right online MBA program can be a daunting task especially if you’re new to this field. However, following the above 5 tips will help you zero in on the best one.

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