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Know The Difference Between Neurosurgery And Neurology

There are many patients who are recommended by their physicians to undergo neurosurgery or neurology, but may find these terms to be confusing and the same. But the truth is neurology is not to be confused with that of neurosurgery. Although both tends to deal with functional disorders or diseases of the muscles, nerves or the brain, there is indeed a huge difference that exists in the manner such treatments are conducted.

What is neurology all about?

Neurology is said to deal with the different types of ailments that takes place in the nervous system of the human body. This form of treatment diagnoses as well as provides treatments for specific conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, seizure, dementia and headache. Besides this, there are found some simple problems leading to severe neurological ailments such as handwriting struggles, speech problem, and difficulty faced with fine coordination, along with other medical conditions affecting the brain organization to other body parts.etc.

Neurology is also said to deal with metabolic and toxic conditions, sleep disorders as well as infections within central nervous system. Certain procedure is followed by neurology which varies with the patient’s condition. It may be either in the worst or mild stage. Neurology also requires proper and timely medical checkup and knowledge of the patient’s medical history. Also, the patient is required to undergo several medical tests, including neurological exams. Such tests generally examine the mental status, weak and strength points, coordination and sensation, reflexes of the patient. Other methods are also used in neurology for ascertaining the exact cause for illness to take place. However, it does not lead much to following pathological steps. Further tests may be recommended by the medical practitioner which includes the MRI or CT scan as supplementary method for arriving at a proper conclusion. Treatments are offered by neurology through therapies, coordination managements and medicines. The best neuro hospitals in India are sure to offer top quality treatments to all its patients.

About neurosurgery

Neurosurgery is said to provide treatment to the nervous system, just like neurology. However, there is a difference to it, which is the approach taken towards providing the treatment. Neurosurgeons are considered to be physicians who are expert in this domain. Treatment is offered and improvement nervous system disorder is noticed with major and minor surgeries. It also makes use of advanced, sophisticated surgical procedures that otherwise cannot be performed with neurology. There are different surgical techniques used for to treating trauma caused to the head, brain aneurysms, brain tumors, peripheral neuropathy, cerebral hemorrhages, as well as spinal disc herniation.

There are present different fields in neurology like neuro-oncology, neurosurgery, neurovascular surgery and interventional neuroradiology. Pediatric neurosurgery is said to deal with nervous system disorders noticed among children. Interventional neuroradiology requires minimal surgery on the spine, neck and head. Neuro-oncology provides treatment to those cancerous and lethal disorders. Finally, neurovascular surgery is managing cerebral disorder and strokes.

The reputed neuro treatment hospitals in India are sure to provide immense relief to the patients and help them to get back to their normal life like they used to have before the setting of the dreadful disease.

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