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Make Your Honeymoon Memorable With A Trip To Munnar

Kerala is not referred to “God’s Own Country” for nothing. The state, situated in South India, boasts of heavenly hill-stations, beautiful beaches, and the best backwaters in India. It has long been a much cherished destination for honeymooners, and that trend does not look like it would change anytime soon.


One of the most frequented honeymoon destinations in the state happens to be the hill-station of Munnar. Munnar is most famous for its tea plantations, which produce probably the finest tea in South India. Its rolling hills and cool climate are perfect for you and your partner to enjoy some intimate time together and of course, explore a hill-station that has no shortage of picturesque spots.

Here are a few destinations in and around Munnar that you definitely need to visit on your Kerala Honeymoon Package!

Top Station

Located at a distance of 40 km. from central Munnar, Top Station is a high altitude point between Munnar and Kodaikanal, a hill-station in Tamil Nadu. Share in the jaw-dropping views of the Western Ghats mountain range with your partner, and feel the romance come alive! Watch in wonder as you find yourself above the clouds and revel in the sight of the blooming Neelakurinji flowers. However, there is no direct vehicular access to Top Station. You need to trek to the view pointfrom Central Station Village.


Kundala is a picturesque town that is barely 20 km. from Munnar. The town is most famous for the Kundala Lake, an artificial lake surrounded by hills and lush greenery on all sides. While a trek to Top Station might be tiring for you and your partner, a trip to Kundala Lake would be just the opposite. Choose from a wide range of boats such as pedal boats, speed boats and shikaras and take a tour of the lake. It promises to be one of the best experiences on your Kerala Honeymoon Package.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

A trip to Munnar remains incomplete as long you don’t visit a tea estate, and the Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is perfect for honeymooners in Kerala. Separated from Munnar by a distance of 32 km., the tea estate in unlike any other you would have ever seen before. It is situated at an elevation of 8,000 ft., which makes it one of the world’s highest tea plantations. Surrounded by dense forests and towering mountains of the Western Ghats range, this picturesque plantation produces some of the best tea in the region. Don’t forget to enjoy a few cups before waving goodbye! And you would need it too. The jeep ride to the tea estate is notorious for its bumpy nature. Nothing better than a cup of the finest tea to refresh the senses!

Mattupetty Dam

If the boat rides at Kundala Lake aren’t enough to satisfy your thirst, head over to the town of Mattupetty. Mattupetty and Munnar are barely 13 km. apart, and tourists mainly flock to the town for boat rides in the Mattupetty Dam. The gorgeous scenery all around is on par with what you would experience at the Kundala Lake, and is the perfect getaway for honeymooners in Munnar. Before you leave Mattupetty, don’t forget to try out the home-made chocolates, which are widely available throughout the town.

Echo Point

Profess your love for your partner out loud, and hear it echo around the picture perfect setting that is Echo Point. Full of rolling hills and spectacular views, Echo Point is located just 15 km. from Munnar. Care for a romantic walk in the lap of nature? There’s no place better for it in the Munnar region than Echo Point. In recent years, it has become quite a popular destination for its hiking trails and nature walks; just what you need to get to know your partner better!


If you want your Kerala Honeymoon package in Munnar to be a truly memorable one, you have to splash the cash on a quality hotel/resort. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Blackberry Hills Retreat Spa: Located 5 km. from Munnar, the Blackberry Hills Retreat Spa is renowned for making its guests feel as comfortable as possible. Relaxing Ayurvedic drinks and meditation sessions ensure that you remain forever fresh on your Munnar stay. The resort also organizes mountain biking trips and treks. Expect to pay upwards of Rs. 7,000 for rooms here.
  • Aranyaka Resort: Honeymooners need privacy, and no other resort provides more privacy in Munnar than Aranyaka Resort. Three of the four cottages provide breath-taking views of the Athukkad Waterfalls. The resort also provides for a Yoga instructor in case you want to keep fit during your honeymoon. Cottages are priced upwards of Rs. 4000.
  • The Tall Trees: This resort is surrounded by the wilderness of the dense forests nearby, and ensures that honeymooners get their required share of privacy and intimacy. A room in the Deluxe Cottage is recommended for the best view of the tea plantations nearby. Room prices start from Rs. 5000.

In case you are looking out for a reliable company to help you plan your Kerala Honeymoon Tour Package, you may visit and send an enquiry for a free quotation for your Kerala honeymoon tour package.

Let the magic of Kerala make the romantic in you come alive! Cheers to a memorable honeymoon !

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