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Purchasing Rotary Die Cutting Equipment

Most businesses will need the services of a business which owns and operates a die cutting machine. These are machines which have been developed to cut through a variety of material simply by tearing the threads apart, the machines were originally designed to cut leather but will now cut most materials including leather, paper, plastic and many types of metals. The more advanced the machines have become the better their capabilities; a modern machine will be exceptionally accurate even when cutting the smallest of detail. The latest technology will even cut just one layer of a material; this has made it possible for die cutters to be used when dealing with adhesive labels, plasters or anything else with an adhesive background. These developments and the continuing improvement of these cutting devices have meant the machines are in demand by more and more businesses, all of which are seeking to save money.

Rotary Die Cutting Equipment

Why Buy a Die Cutter?

There are many companies on the market who already offer a die cutting service and this may make you wonder why it is necessary to purchase your own machine. There are several circumstances and reasons that make the idea of purchasing your own rotary die cutting equipment appear worthwhile:

  • A lack of suppliers within your local area. This can make it extremely difficult to ensure you have the correct product before a cutting run is processed. It can also add a significant amount of costs when having to travel backwards and forwards to a cutting factory to verify the cut. Assuming you have a large amount of business going to the die cutter then it would be well worth your while to purchase your own machine.
  • Unreliable die cutters or poor quality material. Both of these factors can result in significant additional costs, particularly if you are paying a workforce, which have nothing to do except wait for cut material to arrive. Possibly even worse is the issue of poor quality materials; these will quickly harm your reputation and can even put your company out of business!
  • Significant cutting requirements. If you have a large amount of material which needs to be cut on a regular basis you will need to consider purchasing your own machine. Being in charge of the cutting process will allow you to control the costs, quality and timing of any product release. This is essential if you are attempting to build a reputation for good quality products delivered when required.

Where to buy a Die Cutter

There are several options available to those who wish to purchase their own machine and consideration should be given to both the following methods:

  • Brand New. The obvious and the most expensive option should be to seek out a couple of the manufacturers and attempt to extract the best possible price from them. This may be difficult if you do not currently use the machines as they will have not built a relationship with you.
  • Second-hand machines can sometimes be purchased from the manufacturer and also from a current user. It may require a little more research to ensure you are being offered a decent machine for the price you are being asked to pay. Obviously if you are already using the services of a die cutter then it may be best to approach them first to see if they have any machines on the market. There are several businesses, such as barilcorp.com, which have multiple machines and may be interested in selling a machine to you. As with any mechanical purchase it is advisable to check the machine over properly before purchasing. If the person or business does not have any for sale at the time you need them they will at least be able to provide details of the machine or machines they currently use. This will allow you to approach the manufacturer and potentially work out a deal.

Of course, you may find that during your hunt for a machine you find a new supplier which will take far better care of your interests than the current one!

Choosing the Right Machine

As with any technological advancement, machines gradually become smaller and this is true, to an extent, for die cutters. Many of the bigger cutters have to be created large enough to handle big rolls of webbing and several cutting patterns; these machines cannot be made much smaller than they already are. However, if your needs are simpler you may find it acceptable to purchase a smaller die cutter, these will generally fit onto a desktop and will probably have a limited number of cutting options available on them. It is often the case that the cutting pattern is preset and you will need to purchase more equipment to locate the exact cutting pattern you require. These machines are relatively inexpensive and can be used to create personalized business envelopes, perforated tickets, small cardboard boxes and many other things. Provided you have a high demand for these items it is possible to quickly see a return on your investment.

It is important to be aware of the amount of waste produced by each machine; it can vary dramatically and make the difference between a worthwhile purchase and one that will cost you more in the long run. Waste needs to be disposed off and, of course, it is material which you have purchased and then thrown away.

An additional point to be aware of and which should be taken into consideration is your need and ability to add accessories to the cutting process. This will allow you to cut a material and coat or emboss it, without removing it from the machine. Not only will this speed up the manufacturing process but it will justify the expenditure on a machine. Using the services of a commercial cutter may see a time delay as they need to set the machines to your specifications; your own machine will be ready at any time to cut to your specification and depth.

Whilst additional equipment can be purchased it is best to keep the set-up as simple as possible and buy the right machine for the job in the first place. Replacement parts can be expensive and will not be needed if the machine is looked after; take care of your machine and it will give you many years of service which will multiply your return on investment.

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