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Symptoms Of An Urgent Oil Change Requirement

Urgent Oil

We depend on our vehicles for our transportation needs. We rely on them every time we need to reach our destination safely and with comfort. But to maintain this level of reliability, we need to take good care of these work horses so that they don’t get us stranded at the middle of the road. If we ignore the schedules of its preventive maintenance services as recommended by the manufacturer, we are actually buying trouble for ourselves. The result of such neglect can lead to serious issues, that can involve expensive repairs or part replacements, warned one of the mechanics of the Hayden Lake oil change service center.

One such preventive maintenance component is the engine oil change that plays a very important role in making several major mechanisms of the vehicle function in proper way. Hence, skipping an oil change service schedule can lead to various troubles, and the following symptoms can be interpreted as the demand of your car to have an urgent oil change. 

Alarming Deterioration of Fuel Efficiency

The first symptom you can observe when your car needs an urgent oil change, is when it asks for more fuel a lesser interval of time. It so happens, that when the engine compartment faces lower level of lubrication, it needs to work harder for every task it needs to perform. To make all its components work the bare minimum, the vehicle needs to get more energy, because of which it falls short of fuel. Consequentially, by changing the engine oil as well as the oil filter, one can bring back the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, almost instantly. 

Engine Making a Knocking Sound

It is the engine starts making a knocking sound, whenever you try to start the car, it is actually a sign of misfired ignition. Usually, it happens when the catalytic converter of the engine gets damaged, due to the metal to metal contact inside the engine compartment, because of low lubrication. This issue can be addressed if you change the engine oil before it starts damaging the catalytic converter.

Excessive Smoke Emission

The other sign that your car needs an urgent oil changing service, is that it is emitting excessive amount of white smoke from its exhaust pipe. This is a condition that happens when the exhaust system of a vehicle loses its normal functionality. A timely oil change can prevent your car from letting this happen. But in case, this situation arises, an immediate change of the engine oil and filter can bring all the changes. 

Turning on of the Check Engine Light

If your dashboard is displaying the “check engine” message with a glowing orange or yellow light, it is indicative of the fact that something is not right in the engine or its related compartments. In most cases, when the engine is lacking proper lubrication, the onboard diagnostic system of the recent ay cars show this message to get you alerted of the fact. In such circumstances, changing the engine oil can fix back the issue immediately, assured the mechanic from where we got the oil change service near Hayden Lake.

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