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Teal Swan Talks About How Spiritual Support Can Be Helpful For People

Teal Swan

Spiritual wellness is a crucial aspect of full body and mental wellness.  Even though some people do relate spirituality to religion, in reality, it is not necessary to be religious for the purpose of connecting with one’s spiritual self. Spirituality can be defined in several ways. Its most simple definition would be that spirituality is a sense of connection to power than is greater than the self.  A lot of research shows that spiritual beliefs can support the emotional and mental wellness of a person, along with their physical health.  People can always seek out the guidance of spiritual teachers like Teal Swan to bring more positivity into their lives. 

Spiritual development involves embodying certain positive values like compassion, kindness, sincerity, receptivity, acceptance, truthfulness, gratitude, and more. However, in many instances, the aversions or attachments people develop overtime to defend their identity tend to hamper the expression of such natural virtues.  However, one needs to understand that the identity they defend usually does not have much to do with their true self. It actually comprises assumptions people have about their own self on the basis of integrated voices of their teachers, parents and other adult peers or adults. A person hears a lot of assumptions and perceptions about themselves from their childhood.  They subsequently end up integrating these beliefs as social conditioning, trauma and pattern that color their authentic style of living.  This identity can also be referred to as the persona or “ego;” of a person. It is a mask of aversions and attachments superimposed on the natural expression of people.  The paradox is that one actually learns how to defend this false expression. Whenever this persona is threatened, a person feels emotions like frustration, envy, anger and so on.  Spiritual teachers often help people to shed this mask and embrace their authentic self. In many ways, the path of spirituality includes the release of old beliefs and ego structures. While this process is not always easy, it is surely important. When the ego is in resistance, it can be difficult to sacrifice an illusion for the truth. However, as a person actually steps back and makes a distinction for the truth, they are always likely to feel more freedom and expansion than before.

The further a person frees themselves from the old structures stored in their unconscious psyche, the more will they able to clearly approach the mental and emotional; wounds they have kept hidden from their own selves and start to heal.  Many people defend the wounds of their hearts with internal guards, to make sure that they do not get hurt anymore. But doing so can also prevent people from leading life in the manner they truly desire. Teal Swan can help people to heal from these wounds through her spiritual teaching, while also providing them guidance on embracing their authentic self beautifully

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