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AccessiBe – A Simple And Quick Solution To Your Website Accessibility Woes


Businesses, both large and small, are compelled legally under ADA and WCAG to ensure their sites are accessible to everyone online, including users with disabilities. If they fail to comply with the guidelines, they will be subjected to legal penalties and expensive lawsuits. Accessibility lawsuits have surged, and even big names have paid a lot in the form of hefty fines. 

AccessiBe – Makes Your Site Fully Compliant Round-The-Clock

AccessiBe is an automated, quick, highly affordable, and AI-powered tool to help businesses, both small and large, ensure their sites are fully compliant with ADA and WCAG guidelines. This tool can be installed conveniently on your site and make your content fully compliant with the legal standards.

It runs in the background and does not need your intervention. The tool has two major applications that are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that your website becomes seamlessly customizable to users with disabilities. 

The first application allows the user to personalize the user interface with the preferred color, font, contrast, stop animations, and other options. The second application helps the user access the screen reader and keyboard navigation along with other options. These functions are complicated, and thanks to the presence of machine learning, businesses are able to make the site accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities. 

Enhance The User Experience With this Innovative Tool

With this convenient tool, you can enhance the visitor’s user experience. There is a large percentage of people with disabilities with a lot of spending power. If your website is not accessible to them, you will lose a lot of potential customers. Your sales opportunities are reduced, and you lose a lot of profits. After the pandemic, online shopping has surged, and it is here to stay. 

Even if someone does not activate the accessibility options, there is no difference in the overall browsing experience.

How Does The Tool Make Your Site Fully Compliant?

This tool scans your site every 24 hours, and when you upload fresh content, it ensures it is fully compliant within 48 hours. It has a unique feature called aCe that helps you check whether your site is compliant with ADA and WCAG standards or not. You just need to add your site’s domain address to this feature and allow it to check the site for you. You get a report in seconds that tells you about the areas that need to be addressed. 

AccessiBe is super affordable for all businesses, and you no longer have to depend upon manual processes that are time-consuming and expensive to arrest gaps in inaccessibility. Small businesses can choose from plans starting from $49 every month. 

The company has recently had two learning hubs called access flow and access campus for those interested to know more about accessibility. The first platform is targeted at engineering teams, while the second is intended for those interested in delving deeper into website accessibility. In this way, one can discover the best processes and practices to embrace when it comes to compliance and accessibility. 

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