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The Metropolitan City Of South – Chennai

The moment you hear about Chennai, the first thing that strikes your mind is heat and beaches. Being the capital of South India, it is an attractive tourist destination. Here are some famous places listed below that you do not want to miss while your stay in the city. Don’t just waste your time staying in the hotel. Pick up your shades and wear a hat and start taking a walk around the city. Believe it not, unless you walk the streets, you would miss the true essence of the city.


Marina Beach – Unknown to many, Marina Beach is the largest beach of India. It extends right from Fort St George till Besant Nagar and cannot be missed during your visit. You can have a spectacular view of sunrise and sunset from this beach. Few of the famous attractions are the large fish aquariums and swimming pool.

Covelong Beach – Located approximately 55Kms away from Chennai, the unruffled attractiveness here is an absolute heaven. You can enjoy water sports activities while your visit to this beach.

Fort St George – For people who find history interesting, Fort St George is a place to visit for them. Built by the British people during the British rule, is a historical monument with lot of stories to tell. You can relive the history once you see the paintings, arm, coins and ceramic structures in the Fort.

Eliot’s Beach – For people who do not like hustle bustle near them, this beach is a perfect place for them. Also known as the Besant Nagar beach, on the southern end located is Velankanni Church and Astha Laxmi Temple.

San Thome Church – This Church depicts the colonial past of history and is located on St Thomas tomb. The time comes at halt when you see the stained glass and the statue of St Thomas sitting in the church. It also has a museum and Library.

Kapleshwar Temple – This temple is an excellent example of Dravidian architecture. The idol of Shiva and Karpamagai sitting in the temple are almost 45mt high. The unique architecture is the reason it attracts so many visitors throughout the year.

Thousand Lights Mosque – This is a mosque with architectural magnificence. The reason it is called Thousand Lights Mosque is because, there are thousand lights that are lighted in the mosque hall. Encircling the main hall for prayer are many tombs and two minarets. There is a separate hall for prayer for women. This mosque is a complete delight to watch.

Crocodile Bank – As the name suggests, it is home for crocodiles. The purpose of building this place was to save and preserve the species of reptiles. Apart from crocodiles, you can also find sea turtles, snakes, water birds and many other reptile species.

Connemara Public Library – With more than six lakhs books, it is a treasure house for old publications. This library was constructed during the 19th century and a perfect place for book readers. It is also one of the Asia’s largest libraries.

Don’t think too much and book your tickets right away for Chennai. You can also book food on train for Chennai.

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