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Through The Valleys Of Jammu And Kashmir

Jammu And Kashmir

If there is one place in India that you should visit if you want to know what beauty of the mountains really is, then you should definitely head out to Jammu and Kashmir. You can visit this state on your honeymoon or even when you are planning a trip with your family. Whatever occasion it might be, if beauty is what you are searching for, this is the place to go to.

Valleys Of Jammu And Kashmir

This is quite a large state to cover all at one go with Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh the three entirely distinct areas spread over a vast geographical mass. However, there are a few famous tourist destinations that you can hopefully cover if you book a classic kashmir tour package (for a useful Kashmir tour package itinerary refer the link http://www.waytoindia.com/kashmir-tour-package. This link shares really nice offfbeat travel tips related to Kashmir Tour Package). In fact, it is always better to spend at least a week or two in the valleys of Kashmir, if you really want to get a feel of this place.

Let’s take a look at some of the places that you must visit, when in Jammu and Kashmir


Srinagar: This is a place that you will have to visit when in Jammu and Kashmir. This city in Kashmir is renowned for its beauty and tranquillity. It is the most well-connected of all the cities of this state, and hence, travelling from here to another place in the city won’t be a problem. While you are at Srinagar, staying in a houseboat at Dal Lake should certainly be a part of your Kashmir Tour Package. The IndiraGandhi Tulip Garden, Nishaat Garden, Shalimaar Garden, Pari Mahal, Chashm-e-shahi and the Shankaracharya Hill are also few of the most popular tourist spots in Srinagar.


Gulmarg: Want to take part in some skiing fun during the winters? Then Gulmarg is the place for you! Parts of Gulmarg remains covered in snow during the winters, and hence, skiing as a fun sport is encouraged here. In fact, there are many Indian tourists, who head out to Gulmarg every year during the winters to ski. The name Gulmarg translates into “the meadow or garden of flowers,” which is a testimony to its natural beauty. This place is indeed extremely beautiful and worth remembering. Do not forget to enjoy a Gondola ride from Gulmarg to Mt. Afarwat.


Leh: Another one of the many famed tourist destinations of this state is Leh. If you want to head out to Kashmir in the summer months, then Leh is the perfect option. You can go for a bike hike to Leh from Delhi, which is what most young adults do these days. The quiet mountains and the serene settings blend in perfect harmony to create a place that is suitable both for adventure as well some relaxing in the lap of nature.


Sonamarg:Sonamarg, also known as the “meadow of the garden of gold,” is another beautiful place that is a must-visit when in Kashmir. Quite a few trekking routes, accompanied by Valley of Flowers along the way are the star attractions of this place. It is located in the Ganderbald district located about 2800mts above sea level. The Machoi Glacier and the Kolhoi Glacier are located very close to Sonamarg. If you want to go for a trek through the valleys of Kashmir,then this is the place to go to!

A land of unparallel beauty, the tranquillity that pervades through the bounty of natural magnificence, makes Jammu and Kashmir one of the most coveted tourist destinations in the world.

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