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Things To Consider While You Choose Solar Powered Bollards

Solar Powered

You may know the general principle of solar lighting. Solar panels are charged by sunlight and batteries attached to these panels can store the energy. Then stored energy can be used as a power source. But if you choose the solar powered bollards with the best autonomy then you can save the power consumption and you can store more power from direct sunlight. But there are some solar powered bollards available with cheap battery and they lit for a few hours.

Now you can use solar powered bollards at your outdoor and parking area. You can design your landscape with solar bollard lights, and you do not need to pay any electricity bill for such lights. Plus, solar powered bollards are environmentally friendly, and they are easy to install.

But there are different types of solar powered bollards available in the market and you need to choose the best one according to your needs. Depending on their power storage capacity and service life, you need to choose such bollards.

If you are planning to install these bollards, then here are a few things you can consider before making your purchase:

  • Apart from solar autonomy, you need to consider the power storage capacity of solar bollards. It measures how efficiently a solar panel can convert sunlight into battery power. Solar powered bollards with good power storage will take less time to fully charge and you can easily use them for long hours with a single charge. Make sure, you must choose solar bollards with high-capacity batteries because low-capacity batteries can take less time to be charged, but you cannot use them for hours.
  • You need to choose the solar powered bollards according to the climate of your region. Moisture, high temperature and cold can wreak the battery and solar panels. If you install such bollards on your landscape or parking area, which are cold and wet then you cannot use such bollards for long. So, you must choose the solar powered bollards that can resist extreme temperatures.
  • You need to check the luminous flux of such bollards before you choose. This describes the amount of light output that a bollard can provide, and you can check the lumens of such bollards. Low-quality solar bollards can provide dim lighting in the dark. So, you cannot use them in your parking area. LED lights can provide maximum lumens, but you cannot use such LEDs through your solar panels for long. So, you need to install such solar powered bollards at more frequent intervals, and you have to buy more bollards to cover a large area.
  • You need to check the illumination capacity of such solar powered bollards. It is the distribution pattern and more illumination means the light will appear more intense at certain points of distribution. They can provide a different level of intensity, and you need to check the maximum to minimum uniformity ratio of these bollards.

If you live in northern latitudes, then you cannot charge the solar battery over the year and you need to choose the best bollards designed with greater autonomy. In this case, you can choose some bollards designed with high-capacity lithium battery, and they can even work during dark and stormy weather.

Solar insolation should be checked to choose the best solar powered bollards. It means the amount of sunlight that a solar bollard receives in a day. You need to choose the best bollards according to the weather in your region and if you have a good amount of sunlight in your area then you can choose solar bollards with less insulation.

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