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Top Car Floor Mats To Withstand All Your Winter Outdoor Activities

Winter Outdoor

Floor mats prevent snow, ice, dirt and other winter debris from your footwear from ruining your vehicle’s original carpet or upholstery. Think of all the times you’ve had to scoop or sweep clumps of ice or dirt from the footwell. Don’t you wish you had some rugged floor mats? From neoprene mats that match your neoprene truck seat covers to heavy-duty options, here are some of the top all-weather, carpet and rubber floor mats on the market. They offer unbeatable protection against the wear and tear of your winter outdoor activities.


When it comes to finding floor mats that offer all-round protection with many innovative high-tech features, opt for all-weather mats. They’re available for most of today’s vehicle makes and models, and universal-fit options are easy to trim to size. Brands such as 3D Maxpider, Goodyear, Rugged Ridge manufacture custom-molded, deep-tread mats with non-slip backings that offer premium protection for your vehicle’s interior.

Consider Goodyear’s Floor Liners, for example. They’re custom-built from a set of detailed laser measurements taken from your vehicle’s make and model. Their deep-grooved sun ray floor pattern not only directs debris and moisture away from your feet but also gives you premium underfoot traction like that of nerf bars‘ step pads. Rugged Ridge’s All Terrain Floor Mats are also customizable to your vehicle. The high-pressure injection molded mats feature a 3/8-inch-deep chevron-shaped tread pattern and high perimeter walls for maximum spill containment and coverage.

Carpet & Nylon

Carpet floor mats are a great choice if you want to match the colour and texture of your vehicle’s original interior carpet. For example, Lund Catch-It Carpet Floor Mats are available in multiple colors and customizable to your vehicle. Stain- and heat-resistant, they also absorb liquids away from the underlying carpet. If you want to up the style of your vehicle’s interior, check out ProZ Premium Carpet Floor Mats. Made of durable nylon fabric with eye-catching vinyl sides and available in a range of colour options, these universal mats provide protection and flair.


Many vehicle owners choose rubber floor mats thanks to their easy-to-clean, durable features. Whether you browse a Husky Liners, Motor Trend or WeatherTech floor mats sale, you’ll find the high-quality products that complement your vehicle’s interior. Lloyd RubberTite Floor Mats are a great example of customizable mats that you can easily remove and hose off. Their dimpled design captures residue and contaminants beneath your feet while the nibbed underside keeps the mats secure. If you’re looking for a universal-fit option, check out AutoAnything Select Universal Rubber Floor Mats. These heavy-duty PVC-constructed mats feature raised edges and broad channels that collect dirt, mud and liquid.

Now that you’ve got information on the types of car mats that can withstand your winter outdoor activities, are you ready to find the perfect set? Browse auto retailer’s websites for all-weather, carpet and rubber mats from a host of brands at a wide range of prices. Order a set for yourself or as a practical gift for a family member or friend!

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