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Learn About The 2022 BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe

Series Gran Coupe

Exquisite cars are what BMW is known for making and the 2022 8Series Gran Coupe is not different. It is a masterpiece created by a German company that excels in performance, looks, and more.

You can book it by visiting the BMW dealership near Arroyo Grande. However, you can learn a little about the vehicle if you want first. You can learn about its powertrain and a few other essential features of this excellent vehicle.

Powertrain Of 2022 8Series Gran Coupe

BMW engines always provide substantial horsepower and the 2022 8Series Gran Coupe is no different. It comes equipped with a six-cylinder inline 3L turbocharged engine for the 840i and a V8 4.4-liter for the M850i. The 840i delivers 5 ponies and the M850i generates a whopping 523 horsepower. Also, the first option comes with an AWD or RWD drivetrain, while the latter has a standard AWD drivetrain.

Though most people opt for the V8 engine due to its power and acceleration ability, the six-cylinder doesn’t disappoint at all, whether it is power or acceleration an individual seeks. Every 8Series car provides people with a luxurious and splendid ride along with an impressive response when it comes to handling.

Though one might feel a little feedback from steering when driving on a twisty road, this vehicle’s sturdy and firm brakes compensate it completely giving people a refined ride quality as expected from a BMW automobile.

The 840i is capable of delivering in cities a mileage of 22 mpg and on highways 29 mpg, while the AWD drivetrain of 840i offers mileage in cities and highways 20 mpg and 27 mpg. The M850i provides a fuel economy of 17 mpg and 25 mpg in cities and highways respectively.

Lavish Interior

Luxury is another name for BMW car’s interior. This car comes with a rather large 12.3-inch digitized gauge cluster, ambient lighting with customization features, superior leather upholstery, wireless charging, and more.

BMW allows people to further upgrade this cabin to their liking by adding glass switchgear, multifunctional seats, fancy headliners, and more. However, for such work, you need to consult with a BMW dealer Arroyo Grande.

The driving seat is of utmost comfort along with ideal seats that allow people to drive this vehicle for hours without any problem. The coupe allows people at the back to sit comfortably with significant space for leg stretching and headroom. Also, this four-door layout vehicle is more practical than its other counterparts.

Cost Of 8Series Gran Coupe

Three trims are available for people to choose from. The base model is the 840i which starts from $85,995 and the M850i costs $100,895. People who are looking for ultimate luxury and performance for this vehicle will choose the Alpha B8 trim, which is priced at $140,895.

This is a stunning vehicle from BMW and if you seek any other details or a test drive, visit a nearby BMW dealer. They can explain the car to you in vivid detail and clarify any questions you might have. If you are looking to buy an 8Series, then this 2022 BMW 8Series Gran Coupe is what you need!

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