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Versatile And Safe Pin Brazing From Leading Manufacturer

Electrobraze is a company known as specialists in pin brazing, manufacturing pin brazing consumables and accessories that are completely free from Cadmium. This has helped them to produce safer and more versatile pin brazing to provide companies with a better and safer alternative to hazardous materials.  When you rely on Pin Brazing Specialist at Electrobraze, you can be sure that you are using alternatives that are cadmium free and keeping with the regulations of awareness to health and safety. You will find a range of pin brazing products and accessories manufactured by Electrobraze, which include:

Pin Brazing Specialist at Electrobraze

  • Pin Brazing Gun Made of heavy duty stainless steel of marine grade, the pin brazing gun is designed to have adjustment system of fine-braze and trigger operation that is fail safe.
  • Pin Brazing Consumables Pin Brazing Consumables manufactured by Electrobraze include Silver Brazing Pins that are Cadmium free, which are used as pipeline materials in the Railway and Lightning Protection industries. There are also the Bonding Cables and Cable Crimp Terminals for pin brazing, and the Ceramics for pin brazing.
  • Battery Packs There are the heavy duty battery packs that are designed to have Multi Stage Charger Unit, which is compact, and all weather proof, for use in utilities, rail, offshore and Cathodic Protection industries.
  • Pin Brazing Accessories The accessories for pin brazing include the Peli-storm case Equipment Enclosures, Battery Pack Chargers, Equipment for Grinding and Surface Preparation, Cable Accessories and Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges.

All pin brazing consumable manufactured by this leading and specialist company in pin brazing, are used in remote locations and in extreme environments, and are reliable, versatile and durable, making them the best alternatives to hazardous materials.

Electrobraze is also providing consultancy services in mechanical equipment and product application assessment and investigation. They are also providing consultancy for troubleshooting, technical evaluation and further development, and also in Metallurgical sector. This includes mechanical, chemical, macro/micro, and non-destructive and destructive testing of materials used for electrical bonding. Pin Brazing Specialist at Electrobraze is also providing training on pin brazing for catering to a range of environments across different verticals that include Off shore, Water, Oil and Gas, Rail and Wind Energy. The training includes helping in acquiring skills in repair techniques and maintenance, which are of complex type. The training courses are designed to suit requirements of individuals, and can be done on site, using own equipment. This training aims at providing individuals with a better understanding of information and in developing the skills and overall knowledge of the products.

Electrobraze can be considered the ultimate destination for providing all types of equipment in pin brazing, from pin brazing gun to brazing pins, battery packs, accessories and consumables, for use in remote locations and unique environments. You will find your needs in pin brazing fully met with the specialist services of this company, who have been the worldwide leaders in pin brazing. You can log onto their website for getting more information about their profile and services being provided, which makes them the specialists.


For ultimate solution to your pin brazing needs, you can safely rely upon Electrobraze, a specialist manufacturer in pin brazing consumables and accessories.

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