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What Is The Process To Waterproof A Bathroom, And What Are Its Advantages?

You need to waterproof the entire home and office during the monsoons, but the most important thing is to waterproof bathroom, because there is a lot of water flow and water seepage in the bathroom, as a result of which the bathroom walls and tiles can break, the pipes can get rusty and they can also break during the harsh weather:


  • Bathroom waterproof includes the setting up of a waterproof barrier or coating around the walls of the bathroom, and it can also be done with the help of waterproof paints and branded sealants that can hold the level of water and stops it from flowing or seeping out. 
  • There are particular measurements that are taken by competent waterproofers for making the shower walls and the shower floors completely waterproof. 
  • The walls generally need to be waterproofed up to a level of 150 millimeter. 
  • In case the bathroom has a wooden floor, the waterproofing technique has to be implemented fully. This is also true in case if the bathroom is situated in the second storey of any building, or higher than that. Waterproofers use various methods to protect your home

What are the different stages that are required to waterproof bathroom?

In order to waterproof bathroom, the professionals follow the given stages:

  • Waterproofing should be strongest not on the floors or on the walls, but on the joint area where the floors meet the walls. This has to be maintained while applying both sealants and waterproof paints. 
  • If there are any gaps, they must be sealed correctly with a branded sealant, so that there are no damage costs in future, or the bathroom does not require any further repairing. Proper waterproofing must also be done in the same process around the showers, sinks, cabinets and drain. 
  • At first a primer is applied as the first coat, and then the water proofers apply at least two coats of sealants after an interval. The second coat of waterproofing is done to cover any small holes and patches that have been left out. 
  • If there are bath and vanity units which jointly meet the walls in the bathroom, then waterproofing sealants made of silicon are generally used. These usually need a day to dry up and so ample time should be allowed for the sealant to dry up. 


What are the major advantages of a waterproof bathroom?

  • Regular waterproofing from branded companies or from competent agencies keep the bathroom mold and bacteria-free. The bathroom remains dry, the fixtures and faucets do not get affected with rust or moisture. 
  • During renovation of your bathroom, or when you install a new bathroom, if you use building materials that are waterproof, then you can save recurrent costs of maintaining your bathroom, or buying new materials and fixtures every month. If there is no seepage of water, then your walls will also remain dry and safe, reducing any recurrent cost on per month basis. 
  • Sometimes, the basement of your rooms or your entire home might get affected with dampness and molds. But if you conduct waterproofing services done by professionals, then the rates of dampness get reduced to a large extent. Mold required water and moisture in order to grow, so it is better that you start waterproofing your basement and floors with effective sealants and waterproofing materials to make them last long. 

You need to search for professionals for doing the waterproofing and maintenance of your home. You can search from the online portals, take an estimate about the waterproofers, compare the price and choose the best company or individual accordingly.

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