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Why Is Knocking The Door Still An Effective Marketing Technique Today?


Before the times of mobile phones and the internet, communication was just not about a few clicks. Agents had to go from one door to another to market their products and services. Times have changed, and so have the marketing tools.

Investment bankers and real estate agents have done this for years but still, find door knocking a vital lead generation technique. It is not always possible that every gate will open with a smile; however, doing just a few things right during the in-person meeting can seal the deal.

How Does Door Knocking Help

Different From Regular Advertisements

There are vast numbers of advertisements on hoardings and television screens daily. Customers can’t take note of every service or product being advertised. The main advantage of using a direct marketing strategy like door knocking is that you know right away how many people your campaign reached, and how many responded positively to your approach.

Builds Better Connection

Even though technology has significantly advanced, the value of person-to-person marketing cannot be underestimated. It builds a connection on a personal level and offers reliability. The agents better understand a customer’s needs and revert with accurate answers and solutions. They can also provide the clients with the listing details and homes sold recently.


Marketing can be expensive, considering the use of advanced tools. An organization may sometimes not have the budget to use costly marketing solutions. Meanwhile, door knocking does not require a huge budget and can be done with simple tools. It is affordable compared to various other marketing tools.

Helps Measuring Success

A hoarding placed in high-traffic areas may not be able to convey the success or failure of lead generation. But when it comes to knocking, the stats are apparent. One has a better idea about what is working and what is not.. It helps make a change in technique and do better.

Challenges Faced By The Agents

The biggest disappointment is that one doesn’t know how many doors are to be knocked on before finding a potential client. The agents are not always received well and might have to face backlash.

Sometimes, it can be physically draining to visit so many houses in vain. Certain people may not even open the door. Moreover, the current generation is mainly about online operations and may not show much interest in direct person-to-person sales.

The weather also has a huge role to play here. Extreme weather conditions can disrupt the plan and result in a bad working day. It is also not an excellent idea to visit any time of the day. The agents need to plan everything to avoid failures. It can also be a time-consuming process. Moving from one house to another and having a detailed discussion takes time.

Final Thoughts

Despite the challenges faced by agents, knocking on doors can be effective with the right strategy. It can increase clients and be a great way to expand the business. It is always suggested to have a clear idea about the products and services one is offering. Not only does an agent need to be a good communicator but also a great listener. The idea is not to have this method as the only marketing strategy. But combining both physical and virtual modes of marketing can bear fruitful results.

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