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Best Rowing Machine Review

There are several Rowing machines are present in the fitness collection to make you cardio fitness go upswing. We have come a long way after Rowing machine has never considered in part of fitness equipment family. It took years for Rowing Machine to make it this far, it took several upgrades and models to make it to the fitness equipment family.

Rowing Machine

Indoor fitness machine were never considered that they can be very effective in staying fit and burn a lot calories. Rowing machine is an indoor fitness machine, which come under cardio category and it will help you improve your health and stay fit. Rowing machines are tough to workout thus they work. In other words, you can workout using rowing machine at your home without hitting gym but get better results.

If you are looking to purchase one good rowing machine for your fitness workout right at you home then you should buy one, unless this is your first time purchasing the rowing machine for you personally. I wouldn’t suggest you go out there purchase a random rowing machine, where the sales executive tries to push you to buy a rowing machine.

Before purchasing, know your requirement. What type of Rowing machine do you want? There are several brands, which are manufacturing rowing machines for different requirement and sizes. There are several quality rowing machines are available in fitness world but even low quality rowing machines are very good at delivering what we all look for.

We will put some of the best rowing machines, which are not expensive as the the ones we normally find.

Best Rowing Machine Review:

Concept2 Model D Indoor Fitness Equipment:

The Concept2 Model D is the ultra-popular air rower that you’ll see at most gyms. It is one of the best home indoor rowers you can buy period. Expertly constructed and ergonomically unequaled, this rowing machine looks great and rows smoothly without so much as a jarring catch. As an air rower, the Concept2 employs air baffles to create the resistance. A nickel-plated chain pulls the flywheel and you get your workout by pulling against the increasingly higher air pressure that the fan is creating.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Fitness Equipment widely used even in professional GYMS.Concept2 Model D Indoor Fitness Equipment is best fitting indoor rowing machine, which is not expensive and it is very easy to use. Concept2 Model D Indoor Fitness Equipment has some awesome features such as the construction is well build, it has very good grip holds to make sure that you can workout on it more than hours.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Fitness Equipment has some latest features such as digital meter, which calculates how much time it has been since you worked out, not only that it also tell you how many calories you have burned so far. It also measures how much distance you have covered in how many minutes, the results on Concept2 Model D Indoor Fitness Equipment are accurate. This is the perfect fitness equipment.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Fitness Equipment has a calculator which calculates your drag factor, this is how you can get accurate results on how much you have worked out for xx minutes. The reason why many are suggesting Concept2 Model D Indoor Fitness Equipment is because not only has some good features also you can fit it inside of you house and assembling and dissemble is simple.


There are plenty of other options you can go for, but i would recommend you to check if the rowing machine withstands your weight and height. Not only have that compared prices before choosing a new Concept2 Model D Indoor Fitness Equipment.

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