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Effective Tips To Keep Your Gut In Good Shape When Travelling

Having an unhealthy or disturbed gut during your travels can throw your schedules off gear and make you listless on the go. The stresses caused on your body and mind can leave you baffled. The digestive issues related to your GI Tract can lead to an upset stomach that makes you spend extra time in the bathroom. 

Why Should You Keep a Check on Your Microbiome?

Fortunately, these and other issues related to a problematic gut can be avoided by keeping some simple tips in mind. It’s also a good idea to go through a test for microbiome in your gut to ascertain what can go wrong when you are on the move. With the proper diagnosis of your gut microbiome, you will be able to ascertain the presence of parasites and other unhealthy organisms that can cause trouble later on. 

You may want to consider these tips to keep your gut in good order wherever you go. 

  1. Avoid overeating

If you are a foodie then you may expect your vacations and work travel to include new and popular joints that you may be waiting to try out. Remember, binge, impulse, or overeating can send your stomach for a toss and put your digestive system under strain. This can put your gut microbiome under pressure and also pave the way for intestinal infections. 

  1. Don’t skip fibers

As per nutritionists and health experts, adequate fiber intake keeps bowel movements regulated and hassle-free. Even as you travel from one destination to another, eat the same amount of fibrous food that you’d eat at home. It’s important to keep track of the fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains in mind whenever you’re at the buffet table or ordering a meal. 

  1. Drink lots of water

Dehydration leads to constipation, therefore, do not forget to drink lots of water on your vacation. You may want to purchase bottled water marketed by reliable companies in case the safety of water proves to be a concern. Contaminated water of any kind or form is capable of causing problems to your gut. Given this, you may also choose to avoid ice cubs wherever water isn’t safe to drink

  1. Select beverages with care

If you’re prone to having a sensitive stomach then keep a tab on your overall intake of caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and other beverages. Heavy intake of alcohol and coffee speeds up digestion and gives little time to your intestine to absorb the quantity of water it requires. This, in turn, leads to diarrhea-like watery stools. 

  1. Buy supplies from local stores and marts

Invest in a small travel cooler to carry with you on your travels. It can be packed in easily and gives you the option of cooking in your resort or hotel room if permissible. This is all the more important if you are traveling frequently or for long periods. However, look for fresh food in proximate markets and stores to give your gut a rest from dining out every single day. You’ll also end up saving money and learning the culture of the place while keeping your stomach healthy. 

  1. Take regular bathroom breaks 

Restricting bowel movements may cause GI and bowel discomfort. This, in turn, can lead to chronic constipation to cause worse problems. Though you may be hesitant using public washrooms and shared toilets in malls, hotels, airports, railway stations, and other public places, never curb the urge to relieve yourself when needed. You can always take the right precautions like flushing the toilet before use (more than once if needed) to keep infections at bay. 

  1. Wash hands frequently

Like you’d do at home, remember to wash your hands well before you proceed to eat what’s served. A hand sanitizer can come in handy in situations where you’re not close to a basin or washroom. Washing your hands well restricts the spread of illnesses and germs and keeps your health in check at all times. In case you’re using running water for the purpose, try to use warm water to kill the germs, if any. 

 Keep Yourself Healthy While Travelling

Travel time leaves you at the mercy of the food available in hotels, fast food centers, airports, restaurants, and other eateries. Your healthy and normal diet cannot be replicated despite your best efforts. You may end up eating more processed food and the items available in places unknown to you. In such conditions, your digestive system is bound to undergo more stress than it usually goes through. Avoid these stresses by getting a microbiome test done in a good time and make your travel plans successful.

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