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How To Compare The Estimates Of Collision Repair

Collision Repair

Since automotive industry has been taken on the virtual platform of internet, you get to execute almost every activity online, that you had to do in person, a few decades ago. When it comes to selecting an auto repair and collision repair shop for your car, the option to do it online has brought a sigh of relief for the car owners, who are already stressed out from the collision impact that might have damaged much more than the car itself. 

Today you’ll find many collision repairs shops who will offer you an online estimate, if you place a request online. In our case, we have chosen the Salisbury collision repair shop that provides online estimates. However, there will be many shops who might give you similar estimates. So how to choose the one that will rightly serve you back? Here’s are some rules of thumb that can guide you the right way. 

What Should Be the Criteria of Selection

The first thing you should start with is the selection criteria of the estimates you get to collect from different collision repair shop. You need to keep in mind that that price should not be the first selection criterion when it comes to comparing the estimates of auto collision repair. There can be many auto body shops that can undercut an estimate just to allure you and later inflate the price without being transparent about it at the beginning. On the other hand, a pricey estimate might not necessarily assure you a high quality repair. So, the criteria should be the following ones. 

A Properly Certified Shop

If you have received a surprisingly low estimate in comparison to others, it could be very much of a possibility that, the auto shop isn’t yet certified by the proper authorities, or don’t offer technicians who are properly trained and certified. So, as per the Consumer Reports, you need to seek a collision repair shop that has earned an ASE certificate, qualifying the basic training in auto body repair

Do they Offer Warranty for the Repair Work

What if you pay for the entire repair work, and find that the effect is not as expected? To avoid such possibilities, you need to consider, if the body shop will offer a warranty on the work done on your car. If they don’t, better to look for one, that does. 

Financing Option for the Repairs

Usually, auto collision repairs are covered by the car insurance you subscribe to. However, there can be occasions where you might need to pay for the repairs from your own pocket, or there is a substantial amount of deductible insurance to pay. To avoid such sudden financial expenditure, it is recommendable to look for an auto body repair shop that offers financing. Established and certified auto body repair shops like collision repair Salisbury does offer you financing options. 

The last word of advice for your collision repair is the awareness and need to think and do some research before handing out your car for a collision repair.

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