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Everything You Need To Know About Grand Island In Goa

Your Goa trip will be incomplete without visiting the Grand Island. Also, referred to as Ilha Grande or IlhaGrao, it is one of the popular places for people, who love snorkelling and scuba diving. Many people also like to try out fishing in this beautiful place. Water sports are carried out extensively here. In case, you just want to sit and relax; you can do that on the Grand Island while enjoying its pristine beauty. Grand Island is a spectacle that cannot be forgotten so easily.

The Island’s eastern part is often referred to as the Mortar Island on the map. Many times, this breath-taking island is used by the Indian Marine Forces as a training base. But, this does not cause any hindrance to tourism. Taking a Grand Island trip in Goa is absolutely necessary to cover all aspects of this Goa tourism. Two islands, Penjueno and San Jose, are closely located to this island, however, cannot be reached easily.


Grand Island is situated in the Arabian Sea, quite close to Vasco da Gama. As it is a mid-water location, you are required to take a boat in order to reach it. You will find several places like Dona Paula, Sinquerim, Candolim, Baga, and CalanguteBeaches for boat services.

Major Attractions of Grand Island

Goa itself is a huge state offering several kinds of attractions. The state has everything for everybody. The glory of a waterfall in Goa is also unimaginable. But, the Grand Island is a whole new level of fun. It is considered to be one of the best spots for snorkelling and deep sea diving. Only with fins, face mask, and a snorkel, you get the chance to explore a whole new whole of exotic marine life. It offers good visibility allowing you to glance at some of the colourful corals as well.

Scuba diving is considered to be even more fun and crazy. You will find several dive spots that are great for beginner and experienced divers. The depth is approximately 7 to 20 metres. After undergoing the basic training and instructions process, you will be ready to make the dive.

Some of the famous dive spots include:

  • UmmaGumma Reed (15 metres)
  • Sailing Rock (20 metres)
  • Davy Jones Locker (15 metres)
  • Suzy (1 to 15 metres)

There are many spots in Goa that allow you to see dolphins swimming. But, at the Grand Island, you have a higher chance of spotting a pod of dolphins swimming right next to you. Nothing can be better than witnessing a flock of playful dolphins moving around you.

The Grand Island also offers plenty of opportunities for fishing. If you want to try your hand, all you need is a fishing rod and some patience. Do not forget to carry some of your favourite beverages.

Don’t miss out this opportunity while you visit Goa. The best time to visit would be anywhere between October and May. It will truly be one heck of an experience.

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