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How To Create A GMB Profile That Helps Customers Find You?

Digital marketing is soaring high with creative marketing options that don’t cease to end and we regularly keep coming across new marketing tactics online that only feel smarter and better. Saying that Google, with all its monopoly as a search engine, has advanced its services. One of its features, Google My Business has garnered a lot of attention as a powerful marketing tool online, especially for small businesses.

GMB is a free tool that can be used by businesses online as it allows them a platform where the business details will show up to a user searching for certain specific goods or services online. If a user is looking to buy a shoe and ends up searching online about the nearest shoe stores, she will be directed to a number of business listings created in GMB with all the relevant details. Therefore, it is a rather smart platform that meets the ends of both the customers and the businesses offering them a safe space to connect.

How is Google My Business profile important?

Google My Business is a smart and creative tool that can be used by any layman who owns a business. Some of the benefits of Google My Business include:-

  • It is free of cost
  • It is very simple to use as you don’t have to be a professional marketing expert to make the best of it
  • It is very useful to small businesses who want to try digital marketing and would rather prefer easy and free platforms
  • It connects the buyers with the sellers and vice versa with ease of accessibility
  • It offers visibility on google map and searches
  • It gives you a space to post your business’ image online
  • Your customers can review your business helping you build a better reputation and garner more successful leads
  • It offers you insights into your customer’s preferences, choices, and interests.

creating a GMB profile

It is a very easy process as you can simply create a GMB profile by yourself. Here are simple steps on how to create a GBM profile:-

  • Start by creating a Google account first
  • Type: www.business.google.com into your URL and hit enter
  • Use your google account to login
  • Add the name of your business
  • Add details of your business like its name and address
  • Specify the areas you serve
  • Select the most relevant option in the primary category of your business
  • Add contact number
  • Verify your business listing

To conclude, once your business listing is verified, it authenticates your identity online and you are finally ready to get set and start using the GMB profile!

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