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How You Can Save Money Booking Rooms

If you are in the travel business or are a savvy traveler looking to get the best deals possible on your hotel rooms then you may have heard the term ‘rate parity’. Fundamentally what this means is that the price of a hotel room must be offered at the same price regardless of which online travel agency or other outfit you book through. Clauses demanding rate parity on contracts offered to hoteliers by large online brands have been the subject of much debate over the last year or so. But HotelHut.com does not have rate parity, meaning freedom for hotel owners and great savings for those looking to book hotel rooms – a win-win situation.

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The reason why some online travel agents (OTAs) have insisted on rate parity is that this controls the prices, making sure that bookings for rooms are made through their site. A lot of savvy consumers will create a shortlist of hotel rooms after looking at the OTA’s website then head to the actual hotel website to find more information and potentially to book their stay. It is cheaper elsewhere then the OTA would be undercut, hence the desire for rate parity. Rate parity is also considered to give a clearer idea of price point in the market and it is thought that this may give consumers more confidence that they will get what they pay for.

But rate parity was never really implemented to a perfect degree and could never be. Time lags, special deals and other factors mean that even where rate parity is meant to be maintained, it is never truly there one hundred percent of the time. Often, a situation is created which benefits the big players but does not increase business profitability for hotels, nor give clear, reasonable prices for consumers.

When freed from the shackles of rate parity, members of HotelHut.com are free to take advantage of the competitive prices. In fact, HotelHut.com has a low rate guarantee so you are absolutely certain to get a great deal and save money on booking hotel rooms. This is good for the hotels, which can focus on other business techniques that will improve their marketing, brand and footfall rather than on rate parity.

It is also good for the travel consumers looking to save money booking rooms in the hotels of their choice. OTAs and individuals can save by booking through HotelHut.com and getting the best prices, not the same prices. HotelHut.com is not bound by parity clauses and so OTAs can get great deals on booking hotel rooms for their customers outside the parity clause web. Flexibility and the real lowest rates make for huge savings and a relaxed travel marketplace run the way things should be.

You as a consumer can save money booking rooms (up to 25 – 30%) when you book those hotel rooms through HotelHut.com. In most cases, hotels in proximity to each other during slow season can average 45 – 50% in savings.  In certain instances the savings can be as high as 60 – 70%!

Not being bound by rate parity gives great savings to individual travelers anytime, anywhere without restrictions or blackout dates. Consider becoming a member today to discover great deals and find out how much you could save.

To become a Member of Hotelhut.com, you first must be a Facebook member of the HotelHut Travel Club Closed Group. To join this Facebook private group… simply visit the groups’ page https://www.facebook.com/groups/hotelhuttravelclub/ and request to join. This is a private “closed” group which members share traveling tips, advice, and suggestions for all members of the group to enjoy and continue frugal travel!
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