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Important Features Of Pregnancy Kicks

Pregnancy Kicks

Pregnancy kicks are an important aspect of pregnancy. It showcases a fact that things are ok with your baby.

  • At the 6th month of pregnancy, you will be feeling the baby kicks inside your womb. A couple of kicks during an hour is a positive indicator that things are ok with your baby
  • In case if you are not able to feel the kicks of a baby after an hour then check with your doctor. Trying consuming sugar to observe whether the baby kicks

The decreased frequency indicates that the baby is showing signs of distress

The moment you touch 28 weeks, a doctor advices you to opt for a pregnancy kick counter. By doing so it is possible to count the kicks of your baby. In a couple of hours a baby is expected to kick around 10 times. If a reduced fetal activity occurs, it means baby is in distress.

The physical and emotional well -being of a mother influence baby movements. In lack of nutritional development it can hamper development of the brain along with the nervous system leading to reduction of fetal activity. Keep walking around or drink a lot of water if you are not able to feel the kicks of the baby. Placenta absorption can occur which leads to lack of oxygen and blood supply to the uterus. The premating of an amniotic sac can take place where the level of amniotic fluid slows down which does indicate lack of insufficient supply of oxygen.

With the help of an ultrasound it is possible to figure out the heart beat and the main reason why reduction of fetal movements have taken place.

No major worry if kicks reduce in the later stages of pregnancy

Babies are known to take rest for 30 minutes in the womb and this can even lead to 90 minutes at a single time. But once they grow in size the twisting and rolling becomes difficult during the later stages of pregnancy. For this reason it is on expected lines that the kicks would reduce.  A kick counter for pregnancy would give you an idea on the frequency and amount of kicks expected over a course of 2 hours. At this point of time you can experience a powerful kick under the ribs or even a jerk which could emerge for a couple of minutes.

The movements point to the future growth of your baby

As per a study the movements of a baby inside a womb is likely to point to the behavioural l patterns in babies. But this is not only a precise indicator to arrive at the normal growth phase of a baby.

To conclude all the above facts have gone on to make you feel really good? Who would have imagines the baby is active and naughty inside a stomach.

Once you are aware of such facts a lot of questions would have popped out in your mind about baby kicks. The internet could provide you with more information if you are keen to broach this subject.

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