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Include The Traditional Dietary Fats In Your Regular Diet To Stay Fit

Contrary to the popular belief that dietary fats can increase heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer obesity, diabetes, the health experts and professionals are starting to understand the important connection between diet and health. If saturated fats are actually the reason for the heart disease, there should be a significant increase in the consumption of animal fat in the American diet. However, this is not true as the research states that the intake of animal fats have decreased in reality. This is why the modern medical practitioners conclude that saturated fats are not the reason for heart disease; rather they are actually essential to health. Weston A. Price Foundation is one such nonprofit organization which is devoted to promote and restore food products which are rich in nutrients.

Traditional Dietary Fats In Your Regular Diet To Stay Fit

The foundation has been founded by Sally Fallon Morell and nutritionist Mary G. Enig in the year 1999. The foundation is named after Dr. Weston A. Price. Weston A. Price was a famous dentist and has been working as the chairman of the research section of the American Dental Association from the year 1914 to 1923. His findings claims that women who consume non-traditional or westernized diet can have complications during delivery and the children can suffer from dental degeneration while those who consume animals and fat have easy delivery and children with well-formed jaws and facial bones.

Weston A. Price Foundation follows the following dietary guidelines:

It states that the whole animal should be consumed which include meat, bones, fat, cartilage and skin.

It informs that pasture-raised meats should be consumed as they contain higher levels of minerals, and vitamins, particularly fat-soluble vitamins and negligible antibiotics, hormones, and other dangerous chemicals.

It further advices to eat organ meats frequently.

It instructs to consume fish heads, fish liver oils as well as the skin of the fish and fish eggs.

It states that egg yolks contain more nutrients than egg whites and therefore, they should be consumed.

It asks to include fat like butter and cream along with raw or cooked fruits and vegetables.

It recommends that grains, nuts and legumes contain anti nutrients; therefore, they need proper preparation to neutralize these anti nutrients.

It states that raw, whole and full fat dairy products are ideal for the growing children.

It recommends consumption of generous amount of butter, Meat fats – lard, tallow and bone broths.

Apart from this, Weston A. Price Foundation states that the diet for a pregnant woman should include nutrient-dense diet which includes rich fat-soluble vitamins. This keeps the mother as well as the baby healthy and fit.

The work of Weston A. Price is secured and endorsed by the well-known Weston A. Price Foundation which is managed by Sally Fallon Morell, who also composed ‘Nourishing Traditions’. The work of the foundation is extremely important to the well-being of people and the planet.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that the traditional dietary fats should not be limited instead they should be included in the regular diet to stay fit!

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