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Ixtapa Mexico – A Beach Resort To Unwind And Relax

Beaches have always attracted mankind because from the beaches, one can truly experience the vastness of the blue sea. Ixtapa located in the Mexican state of Guerrero is one such popular beach resort that has always invited travelers from faraway as a perfect place to offer them a tranquil atmosphere. Among its ardent admirers, one prominent name is Bernell Gatlin who is a frequent visitor to this place and enjoys the picturesque attractions to his heart’s content. 


Some of the major attractions of Ixtapa Mexico that are loved by Bernell Gatlin are as follows:

  • La Ropa Beach – The full name of the beach spot is Playa La Ropa, and has been named after a Spanish vessel get wrecked and its cargo of silk is washed on its shores. The beach is easily accessible and one can see a queue of palm trees swaying with the winds. It is also a home to plenty of restaurants serving mouthwatering seafood. One can enjoy sailing by having sailboards or sailboats on rent. The beach is touted as one of the most stunning beaches of Ixtapa.
  • La Mandera Beach – The beach is only 300 meters long and thus is quite small, but this does not ceases the charm of this stunning beach which is one of the ideal places to relax. Like La Ropa beach, this one also has some great restaurants to pacify your hunger pangs while looking at the blue waves. With green surroundings and blue sea, the place is a perfect place to be in awe of the bounty of Nature.
  • Las Gatas Beach – The crystal clear water of the beach has attracted thousands of visitors and yes, the calm surf is also a huge attraction. Crowded always because of vendors selling drinks and food, the beach thus offers little privacy, but it is compensated as the place is a thoroughly enjoyable with plenty of activities to do like kayaking, snorkeling, etc. There is also a dedicated swimming spot for the little ones. If you are a nature lover, Las Gatas Beach are simply awesome.
  • The archeological museum of Costa Grande – The museum is a small one in size with 6 rooms. It exhibits the fascinating history of the Guerrero coast. Although, most of the displays in the museum are only in Spanish language, handouts distributed in the museum are fortunately in English language. The museum remains open from Tuesday to Sunday i.e. six days a week, for the visitors. For those who love historical facts, the museum is the right place to quench their thirst by getting all the ancient paintings and artifacts at one place.

Not many people are aware that some parts of the movie “Hot Pursuit” released in 1987 and starring stars like John Cusack, Robert Loggia, Jerry Stiller, and many more was shot in some of the beautiful locations of Ixtapa Mexico. So, if like Bernell Gatlin, you have also have decided to explore the beautiful destination once and to add it to your favorite destinations, pack your bags and get the tickets.

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