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The Importance Of Your Link Building Campaign

Search engine reputation management has become an emerging service, which more and more people are looking to use. There are more than one strategy used in this field and one of them is link building.


If you have had any experience with search engine optimization, you might have heard about the use of links to boost a website. It has always been a polarizing strategy in the world of online marketing. Some people doing SEO for either themselves or for companies have different options on link building. It is either a strategy they think is necessary one to optimize sites or completely on the other end of the spectrum where they think it can actually hurt the site. It has happened a few years ago where people caught on the fact that Google was awarding sites, which had many link pointing to it. Google noticed that people were trying to game it and penalized the sites that had thousands of links going back to irrelevant ones.

There was a study done on what kind of strategies people use for online marketing and it was found that link building is the one that is the most neglected and the most misunderstood. 38% of those participants admitted to not even using link building at all.

For the people who are veterans of this business, linking building to them are a necessary strategy, which can earn higher search ranks, and is one of the more efficient marketing approaches around. It is interesting to find out as to why reputation of link building has gotten to this point.

Google has rated sites based on the backlinks used to measure the authority of a particular site. The way they rate it though has changed significantly over the past few years. It is important to note that the quality of a link has more importance than any other attribute. There are so many tools out there, either free or paid, where people can check the rating of a site by looking at mainly its page and domain authority ranking over 100.

Granted, it is somewhat difficult to get started since it demands a lot of investment to use this technique. It cannot be put together overnight since you need to have a network of relationships with different bloggers and news sites. Taking a small part of your day to building the strategy is key.

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