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Top Tips To Service The Car On A Regular Basis

Servicing the car regularly is a responsibility of the owner. It may not be a legal requirement but it is a reasonable attempt to keep your car run in a good condition for a longer period of time. This has to be done on a regular basis. This will help you and the mechanic to identify the potential problems the car may be running into. The servicing of a car includes checking of the critical components of the car. The braking system and the suspension are the two larger areas which have to be serviced regularly. This will ensure that the car is in road worthy condition. The car owners are many times unaware about the deterioration of the vital parts of the car.


What is the need to service a car?

  • The regular maintenance of the car is much more economical instead of costly repairs and replacements. The best example is the engine oil that is required to lubricate and protect the moving parts. The servicing that is done will include checking of the engine oil and if required you have to replace it with fresh oil that is specifically designed for your car to help it to run smoothly.
  • The money that is spent at the petrol pump by the motorists can be avoided with regular servicing. The new oil and the air filters help the car to run smoothly and efficiently. There are issues that can be addressed such as inflated tyres that will help to reduce the rolling resistance and decrease the consumption of fuel.
  • If you do not service your car on a regular basis, then there are chances of sudden breakdown. This is not only costly but also inconvenient and you have to depend on hired cars quite often.
  • The life span of the car increases with regular maintenance. It is just like your body: the better you take care of it the better will it function. The owner will also experience a trouble free driving for many more years.

Where to service the car?

  • The servicing of the car should be done at dealership center. The dealers are genuine as they hire trained technicians to do the particular job. They are trained and work only on vehicles that are sold through particular dealership.
  • The specialist training is not only offered to the technician but also the managers. This training is given to a network of dealers. This implies that the workers or the technicians have the adequate knowledge of the vehicles on which they are supposed to perform up to the companies and customer’s expectations and make the necessary repairs.
  • This knowledge is extremely valuable and mainly to the dealers. The dealers actually pay handsomely to the specialized professionals. They in turn do the needful to ensure there is no chance for complaints.
  • The relationship that gets developed between the dealers and the customers is on the trust factor and the level of satisfaction from the customers view point.  A regular customer who services his car at the same service center means that he is happy with the service. Additionally, the mechanic will have the history of the car which is important in handling any issues with the car.


Benefits of servicing a car:

The car is complex machinery. It is an assembly of plastics, rubber, glasses and wires it has to be maintained well with the help of a professional. It is for this reason that the manufactures have stressed on the regular servicing of the cars. The car has a special service handbook which is maintained in the service centers includes detailed service of the vehicle. This is also given to the mechanic but has to be updated on a regular basis. You should prepare a list of items that has to be serviced and needs special attention. The owner can judge the problems like hard steering or rattling noises and power windows. A service will more often than not remove such issues to give you a smooth ride.


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