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Life with Invisalign: From Restrictions to Benefits and More


Invisalign is a treatment process used to straighten and align teeth, via a series of transparent and incredibly subtle retainers which are slotted over the teeth and worn during the day and night to gradually manipulate the teeth into the ideal position.

Rather than a wire which is set over the surface of the teeth and tightened, Invisalign uses new retainers on a regular basis throughout the process, always remaining one step ahead of the position and movement of teeth.

With Invisalign in Essex, one of the most common dental procedures that clients ask about, this blog is all about exploring life with Invisalign – any restrictions it requires, the benefits, and how soon you will notice your highly sought-after results.

What restrictions do I have to follow with Invisalign?

Considered a prominent and effective teeth aligning treatment option for young people and adults alike, the beauty of Invisalign lies in the removable nature of the retainers. While removing them too often and for long periods will slow down treatment and will likely mean that you don’t benefit from the full potential of your Invisalign process, removing the aligning retainers to eat, clean, and for occasional social reasons is fine.

As a general rule, if you want Invisalign to work, then you need to wear the retainers for around 22 hours per day at a minimum. You also need to adhere to excellent dental hygiene in order to keep the retainers clean and to protect your teeth and need to have good basic dental health as a starting point.

Other routine requirements to be aware of include:

  • Brushing your teeth after meals and before putting your Invisalign retainer back in place, to minimise food and bacteria buildup.
  • Keep your aligning retainers away from direct heat or sun when not being worn, as they can become warped and misshapen.

Why dentists and patients love Invisalign

Restrictions or not, Invisalign has become one of the most popular methods of straightening teeth and fixing a patient’s smile – not only because of its efficient yet effective results, but also thanks to the end-to-end convenience of the whole process.

Invisalign is designed to blend into your teeth while being worn, so that unless people around you know it’s there, they are unlikely to notice the aligner. This is why wearing the retainer for up to 22 hours in the day is not a problem for most patients, who only remove the fitting to eat and drink.

Of course, when you do need to remove your Invisalign retainer, it couldn’t be easier – with the lack of wires making teeth easier to clean and ensuring that other aspects of your lifestyle and routine are not impacted.

The biggest benefit and the reason why so many people love Invisalign is the results and their long-lasting, effective nature. With Invisalign, you don’t just get your smile back – your confidence will shine out with it.

 Is Invisalign right for you? 

As one of the most comprehensive treatment plans available, Invisalign is kickstarted with a consultation during which we will discuss your ideal results and manage your expectations – while also getting to know you, your lifestyle, and any potential challenges or restrictions.

This is the time to ask questions and find out if Invisalign is right for you. Get in touch with your local dentist to book your consultation today.

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