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The Main Reasons Why Yacht Rental Is An Ideal Way To Spend Your Getaway

Indulge into your travel dreams and spend your holiday vacation by checking out different yacht rental activities here in Singapore. In this adventure, every stop will allow you discover something different and each moment on-board is offered for your best enjoyment. If in case you still want more convincing, then see the next couple of paragraphs below for some of the top reasons why yacht rental should be included in your bucket list.

yacht rental

 1) Custom made tour

Travel at your personal pace and according to what you wish to visit. Yacht clubs at Singapore presents individualized itineraries to best suit your travel needs. It will also be up to you, whether you would want to use the whole trip island hopping or simply by basking under the sun on a yacht. Just remember that you need to communicate your travel requirements before cruising so you know if the marina will be able to accommodate your demands.

2) Check out neighboring islands

Yacht rental will give you access to a unique island hopping expedition. You can begin the tour by checking out the Southern Islands, only a few kilometers from the Sentosa. These include the Two Sisters’ Island, the Kusu Island, and the St. John’s Island. Plus, this activity also allows you to visit nearby islands, such as the Malaysian island of Tioman or the Batam Island in Indonesia.

3) Dependable staff

With yacht rental, you already have the ease of being on-board with the best skilled as well as professional individuals in the cruising industry. The Captain along with crew members are properly trained in keeping the safety of everyone. You may also depend on them to assist you if ever you want to host activities on-board, or maybe use numerous amenities, like kayaking or trying the boom nets.

4) Concierge assistance

In addition to the crew and the captain, the concierge assistance is always available on board. This is because the sailing clubs needs to ensure that you have access to everything that you need, and that you are fulfilled with the services that you are receiving. The staff members will also be there to do their duties well and to heed your needs promptly.

5) Wide selection of amenities

These luxury yachts have all the amenities you require in order to make your adventure as thrilling and memorable as it can be. Depending on your travel itinerary, you will be offered with a yacht that has the modern conveniences you want to support your tour. If you wish to have some relaxation, you may choose a yacht that includes a stateroom, a Jacuzzi, or a sun deck. When it comes to island hopping or other activities, there are also yachts that feature kayaks, boom nets, and sound systems.

Now that you have these reasons in mind, you only need to contact a reliable marina who can offer you the yacht rental services that you want. You may visit Marina at Keppel Bay for more details regarding how to maximize your trip in Singapore.

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